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Wednesday, January 9
Club Information and Honours List

Team Colours :

Home - Black & White

Away - Red

Nicknames : The Mighty or The Cabes

Record Attendance : 4400 v Johnstone Burgh in WOS Cup Final 1st Leg 1964-65

Record Victory : v Hurlford United 15-0

(Season 1994-95 Ayrshire Cup 1st rd at Bellsdale)

Record Derby Victory : v Kilbirnie Ladeside 14-1 (Season 1962-63 at home in the League)

Major Honours

Scottish Junior Cup Winners


West of Scotland Super League Premier Division Champions

2009-10, 2017-18

West of Scotland Cup Winners

1965-66, 1966-67, 2008-09

Runners up - 1957-58, 1964-65, 1991-92 

Ayrshire League Champions 

1964-65, 1968-69

Runners up (post 76-77 when North & South combined) - 1978/79, 1994/95

Furthest Reached in SFA Scottish Cup

3rd round replay in 2010-11, exit after 3-4 defeat v Airdrie Utd 

North Ayrshire League Section Winners

1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1966-67, 1968-69 

Runners up - 1954/55, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1974/75, 1975/76

West of Scotland Super League 1st Division

Runners up - 2006/07 

Ayrshire Second Division Champions


Ayrshire Cup (inc Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup, Ayrshire Cup, Ayrshire Junior Cup & Ayrshire Junior Challenge Cup)

1954-55, 1962-63, 1963-64, 1964-65, 1977-78, 1990-91, 1991-92, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2015-16

Runners up - 1948-49, 1987-88

West League Cup


Cunninghame/North Ayrshire Cup

1993-94, 2003-04

Runners up - 1987-88, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 2001-02, 2004-05

Ayrshire/Irvine District Cup (Now merged with Ayrshire Cup)


Runners up - 1939-40, 1955-56, 1971-72, 1981-82

Jackie Scarlett Cup / Rockware Glass League Cup/Ardagh Glass Cup

1981-82, 1991-92, 1993-94, 2004-2005

Runners up - 1979-80, 1987-88, 1990-91, 1997-98, 2013-14

Evening Times Cup Winners Cup

Runners up - 2004-05

Supplementary Cup

Runners up - 1974-75

Furthest reached in Scottish Junior Cup outwith winning it in 2015-16

Semi-Finals 1991-92, beaten 4-1 AET by Glenafton

7 Quarter Final Appearances (incl run to Semi Final & not incl replays)

1965-66, 1977-78, 1979-80, 1991-92, 1997-98, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2017-18

Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup Draw 2016-17 - FULL

Friday, June 19
Transfer News

Tuesday, May 19
List of Duties for volunteers

Monday, August 25
Players Sponsorship, Match Sponsorship and Match Ball Sponsorship

Wednesday, July 23
Friends of Beith Juniors

Friday, July 5
Chat with Manager John Millar

Tuesday, September 1
Bellsdale Code of Conduct

Thursday, April 18
Management Change

It was with regret that Beith Juniors FC reluctantly accepted the resignation of Frank Lynch and Raymond McColl from their positions on the management team at the club.  At the end of the day they were completely honest with the club and said that due to their personal circumstances that they felt it best for them,  and more importantly the club that we appointed someone who had more long term plans for the club than either of them could commit to at present.  This honesty is to be admired and only contributes to what we at Beith already knew about them in relation to their dedication for the club and during each of their 2 spells with the club they put in a tremendous amount of work, effort and sacrifice and for that every one at Beith Juniors owes them a sincere debt of gratitude. We therefore wish them well in what they choose to do in the future either in football or out with football and they will always be well received any time they return to Bellsdale, which will be quite often hopefully.

In order to limit the amount of uncertainty the club felt it best that we made an appointment as soon as we could given the few games we had left this season and also to give the new management every opportunity to assess the current playing staff and set-up at the club.  We also felt that it would be an advantage if we could get someone who was familiar with the club and had relative experience within the West Region set up.  It was therefore decided to approach John Millar and we are delighted to announce that he accepted the position last night and will take up his position with immediate effect from today.  John will be assisted by Steven Convery and Iain Ashcroft with Derek Rhoddan remaining with the club as coach.

There is no doubt the timing of this change is not ideal but perhaps it is better now rather than had it been a few weeks further down the line for the reasons stated above.  What we need as a club at this moment is everyone getting right behind the new management team and showing their support for both them and the players in a positive fashion for what we have left of this season and beyond.  

Thursday, April 18
Frank Lynch leaves, John Millar re-joins

Frank Lynch has resigned as Beith Manager citing personal reasons and Raymond McColl leaves along with him with Coaches Derek Rhoddan and Andy Graham remaining along with Physio Iain Anderson

 The club would like to thank Frank and Raymond very much for their efforts and time spent helping to improve the football club.

The club would like to welcome John Millar in his return to Beith as Manager along with coaches Stevie Convery & Iain Ashcroft.

Friday, January 18
Q&A Session with Manager Frank Lynch

Tuesday, December 11
Q & A Session with John Boal

Wednesday, November 14
Frank Lynch returns to Beith Juniors as Manager

Saturday, August 27
Beith Juniors Football Club Statement

Beith Juniors Football Club Statement 

This season’s league games against Kilbirnie Ladeside will be not be played at Bellsdale or Valefield Parks. These games will also be behind closed doors.

Both clubs have had this imposed upon them by Strathclyde Police in conjunction with the SJFA and West Region and have been reluctantly endorsed by both Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside.

The club feels great embarrassment and regret that the actions of a minority of both clubs has seen this once proud derby reduced to a sideshow. Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside football clubs will stand side by side and re-double their efforts and show a united front to put an end to this social problem which has crept back into the junior game.

If you are one of the troublesome minority please note you are not welcome at any game involving Beith Juniors and that you have no right to wear Beith Juniors colours or call yourself a fan. The actions of these minorities prove they are no friend to either club.

This sanction has arisen after both Clubs were called to a meeting on the 15th August 2011 at Kilmarnock Police office by the Police Commander. The SJFA & West Region Secretary’s also attended this meeting along with other high ranking officers and officials from both clubs.

It was reported that the ongoing violence that has arisen between both clubs since April 2007 is untenable and serious steps must be taken. It was brought to both club's attention that policing of our matches is more demanding than policing at Kilmarnock or Ayr Utd games. 

Strathclyde Police advised that 39 officers were called to our most recent game, with this increasing trend becoming unacceptable to the authorities. We were also advised that a Sergeant was injured and is currently off work due to an injury sustained whilst arresting someone, we were further advised that the assistant referee’s car sustained damage this along with the 9 arrests, this sheds a bad light on our club and junior football.

Strathclyde Police recognise the steps that both Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside have taken and have committed to work with both clubs to help eradicate these people from our game.

The ever increasing Police costs makes the home game uneconomical for both clubs, to this end we endorse the action forced upon us so that maybe the short term pain will have long term gain. The games will eventually resume at either ground with the Police stance being robust with probable custodial sentence handed down to future offenders.

Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside will be issuing bans to recent offenders and these people will be shortly notified of our action.

Those involved in violence at our games are in the minority (<2% at the last game), we would call upon our decent supporters and the parents of the younger element of both supports to aid us in cleaning up both club's image. Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside Football Club both have a proud history within junior football and will no longer tolerate behaviour than brings shame on our clubs.

We recognise that social problems are at the heart of the problem, we wish to play our part to try and restore some semblance of order. We plan to contact the local school where we believe some of the problems may emanate from to offer help and hopefully introduce initiatives that may help both parties.

Please be assured we will not tolerate any further bad publicity and will take every possible step and assist the other club to exclude those individuals who tarnish the name of Beith Juniors and Kilbirnie Ladeside.

Tuesday, May 31
Stevie Easton is annouced as the new Beith Juniors Manager.

Former Petershill manager Stevie Easton has this morning been announced as the new Beith Juniors manager.

6th June update: Harry Erwin, former Pollok assistant manager has been appointed as the new assistant at Beith Juniors.

Physio Billy Henderson will remain at the club.

Tuesday, May 24
John Millar resigns as Manager of Beith Juniors

Beith Juniors Football Club regretfully inform you that John Millar has resigned his post as Manager of Beith Juniors.

John has stated his reason for resigning is that he feels he has taken the club as far as he can and hopes that someone else can further the work done already.

The club would like to thank John Millar and his management team for their excellent period in charge and for all the success they have achieved. Notably the Premier League championship, West of Scotland Cup and the prestigious run in the senior Scottish Cup.

Tuesday, March 15
Goodbye & thanks to Iain Ashcroft, Welcome Back Frank Lynch

Friday, November 19
Interview with John Millar before the Airdrie game

Friday, March 26
Evening Times Article: Iain Ashcroft on the Pollok game on 27/03/10

Friday, December 4
Daily Record Article: Gary Wilson

Monday, October 5
Squad Movements update

Goalkeeper Steven O'Neil has joined the club from Ardrossan Winton Rovers.

Midfielder Gary Stewart has been released.

David McKenzie is now on the transfer list, any interested parties please contact the club.

Monday, August 31
Joe Bradley signs for Beith Juniors

Monday, May 25
Evening Times Article by Jeff Holmes: Millar Salutes Beith cup aces after taming Talbot

Thursday, April 30
Evening Times Article: Kenny goal is for Beith to land first ever Super title

Saturday, March 28
Latest Transfer Movement

Friday, February 13
Daily Record Article: Derek McCulloch Interview

Thursday, February 12
Evening Times Article: Derek McCulloch interview

Friday, January 23
Daily Record Article: Beith will see the best of Brittain, says former Dumbarton favourite Craig

Sunday, January 4
Beith Juniors add double signing news

Monday, November 3
Scotland Juniors Squad Announced - Sniffer gets another call up

Wednesday, October 29
Keith Ross Signs For Beith Juniors

Wednesday, September 10
A&S Herald Article: Interview with John Millar

Friday, July 4
Evening Times Article: Ashy will Leave Players Ashenfaced at Beith

Tuesday, June 10
WOS Super League Premier Division Top Goal Scorers 2007-08

Monday, April 7
Daily Record Article: Beith Are So Hard To Beat Now

Tuesday, March 11
Beith Juniors New Signings

Saturday, March 8
Evening Times Article:Ashy-We want to give Johnny 3 points for Starters

Friday, March 7
Daily Record Article by Kevin McGoldrick:Frank Lynch

Monday, March 3
Beith Juniors Official Announcement - New Management Team

Thursday, February 28
Ex Beith Juniors Captain Charlie Meechan has passed away

Thursday, February 28
Evening Times Article by Jim O'Donnell: Loss of Lynch leaves Beith in State of Shock

Tuesday, February 26
Beith Juniors FC announces the departure of Manager Frank Lynch

Frank Lynch has decided to leave his post as Manager of the club for non football reasons. We understand and fully respect Frank's decision. The rest of the management team will be in place for Saturday's fixture with Arthurlie. We would like to place on record our sincere appreciation for everything Frank has done for the club over the past 22 months and say he has been a pleasure to work with. In particular, our promotion to the Premier League at the 5th time of asking and an enterprising style of football which has won Beith Juniors many admirers this season. Frank leaves the team stronger than he found it.

Everyone at the club is focused on finishing as high up the league as possible and competing for silverware in the two remaining cup competitions.

John Boal comment:

" Frank is one of the most professional Managers the Committee and I have worked with at Beith Juniors Football Club. He has given the club a platform for growth and we are determined to build on that in the Premier League.

Frank assembled a very talented squad of players at the club and they will prove their worth over the remaining fixtures this season."

Thursday, January 10
Evening Times Article : Pollok Target McGarvey

Friday, December 21
Ayrshire Post Article - Martin Tierney

Wednesday, December 17
Daily Record Article : Beith Are Ready To Do Battle

Saturday, November 17
Stevie Convery & Derek Rhoddan Retire

Tuesday, September 4
Daily Record Article : John Craig

Sunday, September 9
Martin McGarvey gets Scotland Juniors Call Up

Sunday, September 16
Stevie Jack Article from the Scottish Sun-15/09/07

Monday, August 6
Pre-Season Friendly Results 2007-08

Friday, June 22
Evening Times Article: Sunshine On Beith

Saturday, May 19
Fans Celebrating Promotion

Map of Bellsdale in Beith & Directions

Friday, March 30
Beith Juniors 2006-07 Squad Update with Transfer List (will be updated when known)

Tuesday, January 30
Stagecoach League Team of the Month for December - Beith Juniors
Beith Juniors won the team of the month award for December from League sponsors Stagecoach. Beith won 4 league games out of 4 in the month, with the closest contenders coming fromĀ  Kirkintilloch Rob Roy winning 3 league games in the Central District League Division 1.

This is the first time Beith have won this award, so thanks to the players and management for earning it!

Saturday, February 10
Brian "Sniffer" McKeown Signs for Beith

Monday, January 29
Derek Rhoddan Joins Beith Juniors

Wednesday, November 8
Chris Kerr Arrives, with Scott Houston and Gavin Brown moving on

Monday, September 25
Daily Record Article: Keeper Wight Happy To Rekindle Glove Affair With Beith

Thursday, July 27
Beith Juniors Pre-Season Friendly Results 2006-07

Wednesday, June 21
Evening Times Report: Lynch's Mob Bag Con Man

Wednesday, June 7
Evening Times Report : McGarvey is Beith Bound

Saturday, May 6
New Beith Management Team Appointed

Saturday, May 6
Thanks to Hugh Findlay and Ian Balmer

Thursday, March 30
Breaking News: Management Change at Beith Juniors

Monday, January 16
What The Papers Are Saying

Friday, January 21
Latest Beith Juniors Transfer News

Wednesday, October 12
Beith Juniors Supporters Travel Club

Wednesday, January 19
Daily Record : Derek McCulloch Article

Mighty All Over The World

Tuesday, October 5
Rockware Glass Cup Final Preview

Friday, July 2
Rockware Glass Cup

From Beith with the Juniors to the Champions League

Saturday, June 5
Celtic Calling

Player of the Year Awards

Wednesday, April 28
Frank O'Hara's Evening Times Profile

Friday, May 21
Good Omens For Gray ?

Unofficial Team Of The Month Awards