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November 18

     Well, Buc fans, I took a week off to gain a little perspective on the loss to Hillsboro and the season in general.  It's been a little painful around here to talk about football, and I'm sure you can understand why.

     The 2007 Beech Buccaneers finished out their year against a talented Hillsboro High School football team, who showed up with a very polished offense that proved too slippery to stop.  After the Bucs came out with a fury and the momentum in the first half, the Burros threw some plays at them that were new and confusing, and their defense stopped every effort to push through them.  The Bucs never quit and fought for every yard until the last whistle.  That's what tough is all about.    

     This team has a lot to be proud of.  It can fairly be said that they had the respect of every team they faced all year.  They deserved that.  They earned it.

     This senior class has also earned our respect.  They came in this year after a disappointing season in 2006, built a sense of brotherhood and purpose, dug down deep, and brought it from the practice field to the show each week.  The first quality of a winning program is that kind of team spirit.  It always starts with one group of guys that is able to inspire their underclassmen and leave them with a feeling of ownership in something greater than themselves.  I can't help but feel that these seniors did that.  This junior class has the character and strength to pick up the ball and carry it forward from here.  They must decide for themselves how far.

     It's a good time to say something about this coaching staff.  In the process of working on this website, I've had the opportunity to be around these men in good times and bad, and I can honestly say that our sons are in good hands.  They have constantly chosen the positive approach in dealing with loss, injury, attitude problems, and all the other challenges that a roomful of teenage boys can throw at you.  After every game were words of appreciation and praise for things done right; encouragement and instruction for things that needed work.  I was allowed in the locker room after the last game, and each of the coaches took the time to tell the team and especially the seniors how proud they were of them for a season well-played.  What you'll hear at the banquet is what the guys have heard all year.  Thanks to all the coaches, trainers, and managers who helped make this a great year for Buccaneer football.





And thanks #32 for overcoming the doubters and giving so much of yourself to this team.  You're a man, and I'm proud to be your father.




One shining moment.

I can't hear you!

Go Bucs!