BEARS: Welcome


This site contains information for our Men's Baseball Team.
We are members of the SSBL (Southern Senior Baseball League in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas. We are affiliated with MSBL. There are 2 divisions (age groups): a 25+/35+ division and a 45+ division.

     We play real baseball. 9 inning games with wood bats and American league rules. We play a 20 game season during the months of June, July & August every year. You must turn 25,35 or 45 years of age in the current year to play although every 35+ division team is allowed up to 5 - 25 to 34 year old players but they may not pitch, catch, or bat consecutively in the line-up. The 45+ division is comprised of 45 year old players and up. We have players in the league from 25 yr to 75 yrs old.

     The SSBL also has 2 tournaments they put on and play in yearly. One on Memorial Day weekend (25+ and a 45+ divisions) and one on Labor Day weekend (25+, 35+, 45+ and 55+ divisions) with the proceeds benefiting the "Miracle League" for childern with disabilities. These tournaments also bookend our season.

     We also have a few teams made of players from various teams in the league who play in the Roy Hobbs (Florida) and/or MABL/MSBL World Series (Arizona) every year.

If you think you may want to play with us or in the league and you are 25 or older contact me Andy White at or go to and contact John Means or Jim Crum.