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BC Varsity Middle School Green Team

2015 Green Team Season 6-3 RECORD

 ?What’s Coming Up? ?? 

  • JERSEY RETURN: Wash and save your player's game jerseys in a safe spot. Return them to Ryan in the Athletics office when you return to school in January. Bring any practice jerseys to the team party as they are to be returned to me, not the school.
  • TEAM PARTY: Plans are being made for the end of season party to be held after we return from break in January. I will have season awards, slide show and presentation ready to go. Date and time will be announced soon by the awesome mom's coordinating. ?
  • PHOTOS, PLAYER PROFILES and AWARDS: Be sure to like our team Facebook page as I will be posting over the holidays player profiles along with stats, Top 5 lists and more.  
Season Accomplishments:
  • Teamwork ON and OFF the Court: For our 6th Annual Team Adopt-a-family project, our boys earned 27 shakes that was converted to a cash donation to support 50 Family Kits to be sent to Syrian Refugees. Thank you to Lauren Lazan and others who helped coordinate this through Medical Teams International (MTI).
  • Skill Improvement: For such a short season, we saw an impressive improvement in every player's skill and understanding of the game. ?
  • Overcome Adversity: Our boys remained focused through some tough losses to learn to play together to earn a winning season. 

Milkshake Award Final Scoreboard:

  • Jonah        4 
  • Donovan     3
  • Jordan       5
  • Matthew    1 
  • Bouke         1
  • Jason         1 
  • Jace          12       
  • TOTAL    27


Game9 Recap: BC 47 - Cedar Park 30 (WIN) 6-3 Record

Our Green team wrapped up our 2015 season with a resounding win vs Cedar Park and a 6-3 winning record. Cedar Park was short handed with only 5 players but they worked hard and kept the game close at times. Despite missing one player (Bouke) due to injury, our offense picked apart their zone and 6 of our players scored in the game. We were aggressive on defense grabbing a season high 19 steals and we took care of the ball with a season low 10 turnovers! Overall, a good game to complete our season. All of our players have shown good improvement in their skill and understanding of the game during this short season. I am proud to have coached each and every one. THANK YOU to all the parents and assistant coaches for all of the help and support you all provided to make this season a success!! You are awesome.

Team Statistics:Team Stats Game Season Avg 

  • Shooting (field) 41% 39%
  • 3 Pointers 3 4.00
  • Shooting (FTL) 67% 57%
  • Rebounds 21 25.6
  • Assists 12 8.6
  • Steals 19 15.6
  • Turnovers 10 18.4
  • Milkshakes 3 27 

Player Highlights (notable performances): Donny was the games' high scorer with 23 points but he also added 3 steals, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. This effort shows that he is improving at getting more engaged in all aspects of the game. Donny is the most skilled scorer on this team and likely within the league. Jason played with intensity in this game, the first defensive possession he attacked the ball and nearly came away with a rip steal. He ended with 7 points and showed much more confidence on the floor. Jason's improvement and confidence has been dramatic this season. Jordan overcame a nagging knee injury to play hard and lead the team in rebounds with 6 and add an assist and steal to his 4 points. Jordan has proven to be the most effective rebounder on this team averaging almost 7 per game. Jonah was hit by an opposing player but controlled his emotions and actually drew two charging fouls on our opponent. This showed great character to resist reacting and focus on doing what was best for the team. He also grabbed 5 rebounds and 2 assists to help our cause. Jonah is clearly the most aggressive player on this team. Jace once again led our team with an impressive 9 assists and 7 steals (earning him 2 shakes). Jace was the best overall player on our team and very likely the best point guard in the league this season.  


Game8 Recap: BC 37 - Overlake 44 (LOSS) 5-3 Record

The Green team played a tough rematch game with rival Overlake but could not overcome their tough defense and came away with a loss. Unfortunately this broke our 5 game winning streak. In many ways I was encouraged as it showed how our players have added some toughness and improved on executing our defense since the beginning of the season. We made 7 three point shots but were unable to consistently penetrate to the basket and get to the foul line. Give Overlake's defense much credit for forcing us to shoot a season low 25% from the field, making just 13 of 52 shots taken. We will learn from this game and focus on preparing for the Jamboree (tournament) December 12th and the last game on the 15th.

Team Statistics: Game, Season Avg

  • Shooting (field)25% 39% 3
  • Pointers 3 4.13
  • Shooting (FTL) 50% 57%
  • Rebounds 29 26.1
  • Assists 8 8.1
  • Steals 11 15.1
  • Turnovers 19 19.5
  • Milkshakes 3 24 

Player Highlights (notable performances): Jordan had his best game of the season grabbing a season high 10 rebounds, 4 steals and scoring 3 points. I challenged him to get 10 rebounds and he delivered, awesome work. For his rebounding and steal totals, he earned 2 shakes. Jonah scored 7 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals this game. He played hard and despite being off on his shot, he never gave up. Travis grabbed 6 rebounds and was much more active on defense as he is learning more how to play that position. Jace was our leading sorer with 17 points including 3 three point shots. He grabbed 3 rebounds and 6 assists (earning him a shake).


Game7 Recap: BC 41 - Bellevue Christian 29 (WIN) 5-2 Record

The Green team prevailed again against a Bellevue Christian team with a lot of size yesterday for our 5th win of the season. Our defense was more aggressive ending with 18 steals vs just 16 turnovers, this is a great sign of improvement. Seven of the 9 players scored for a very nice balance this game. Our toughness is improving and we should be ready for the big rematch with Overlake on Thursday. GO GRIZZLIES!

Team Statistics: Team Stats Game Season Avg 

  • Shooting (field) 41% 41%
  • 3 Pointers 3 3.71
  • Shooting (FTL) 67% 57%
  • Rebounds 23 25.7
  • Assists 6 8.1
  • Steals 18 15.7
  • Turnovers 16 19.6
  • Milkshakes 3 21

Player Highlights (notable performances): Ryan's confidence continues to improve, scoring 5 points, grabbing 2 rebounds and 1 steal. I swear I see a little bit of swagger in his game now. Jordan was the rebound leader in this game with 7 earning a Milk Shake Award. He also converted on a put-back shot, had an assist and 2 steals. He is learning to use his body and athleticism more each game. Connor hit a nice outside shot with confidence, we may have found our next outside shooting ace. Jace filled the stat sheet again with 8 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 rebounds earning 2 Milk Shake awards for the assists and steals. This kind of activity and his leadership at the point make him such a valuable member of the team. Jason hit for 6 points, grabbed a rebound and made 2 steals. He is improving his aggressiveness and playing harder than ever before. ?

Adopt-a-Family Update:? We normally partner with a local organization to adopt a family and donate gifts each season. But this year Coach Jensen will be converting all of the Shakes earned by players into a $200 donation to the group providing the Refugee Relief Kits at the school. We have at least three players already committed to this project and would encourage any other players to help as they can. This is a great cause and is in keeping with our mission to translate hard work on the court (shakes) into something that can benefit other off the court.


Game6 Recap: BC 52 - U-Prep 38 (WIN) 4-2 Record

Our boys played well today getting our 4th win of the season over an under matched U-Prep team. Our energy level was very low for most of the game but we found a way to score and improve. We pulled our foot off the gas a little too much and allowed U-Prep to make a comeback attempt but remained strong and secured the win. We dramatically improved our turnovers by only committing 13 for the game. It will be a long 8 days until our next game. Let's make sure all the boys stay active over the holiday. GO GRIZZLIES and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Team Statistics: Game Season Avg Rating 

  • Shooting (field) 47% 41% Excellent
  • 3 Pointers 6 3.83 Excellent
  • Shooting (FTL) 25% 56% Poor
  • Rebounds 24 26.2 Good
  • Assists 4 8.5 Fair
  • Steals 14 15.3 Good
  • Turnovers 13 20.2 Very Good
  • Milkshakes 2 18 Total 

Player Highlights (notable performances): Ryan scored 4 points and is improving his confidence and overall game every time he plays. Very happy to see him continue to work hard. Jonah was his usual hard working hustler in this game. He scored 5 points (including a three shot), grabbed 3 rebounds and 2 steals. But his real value to the team is how hard he plays and defends. Jason scored 4 points (including a three shot) and grabbed a rebound and was overall more productive than past games. He is driving harder to the basket and putting up good shots under pressure now with confidence. Jace had a solid game with 7 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals. His 4 assists earned him another Milk Shake Award. His ability to lead and run the point position is impressive. Matthew had a great rebounding night with 8 and 1 steal. His 8 rebounds earned him a Milk Shake Award (his first).


 Game5 Recap: BC 66 - Seattle Academy 62 (WIN)  3-2 Record

The Green Team played a HUGE game on Friday vs a very talented and athletic Seattle Academy team to notch our 3rd win of the season. This was a good old fashioned shoot-out with both teams scoring more than 60 points which is rare for a Middle School game. A player from each team scored 34 points and it seemed anything that went up came down through the basket for both sides. The game was very close at the end as Seattle Academy hit a three point shot with 8 seconds left. But we were able to hang in there for the win. Our boys played very hard and showed a toughness we had not seen before. GO GRIZZLIES!

Team Statistics: Game - Season - Avg - Rating

  • Shooting (field) 48% 40% Excellent
  • 3 Pointers 5 3.40 Very Good
  • Shooting (FTL) 68% 61% Very Good
  • Rebounds 22 26.6 Good
  • Assists 11 9.4 Very Good
  • Steals 16 15.6 Very Good
  • Turnovers 16 21.6 Fair
  • Milkshakes 4 16 Total

 Player Highlights (notable performances): Donny was unstoppable in this game scoring 34 points, shooting 61% from the field and 77% from the free throw line. His 4 steals in the game also provided him with a Milk Shake Award. Travis played hard and grabbed 3 rebounds and 2 steals. He is becoming one of our best rebounders and a hard worker. Jace had to be convinced to shoot more but when he did, good things happened as he ended with 23 points, shooting a scorching 63% from the field and 100% from the free throw line. His 4 assists also led the team. Jordan was a warrior in this game as he was assigned to defend their best player. He score 3 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and 2 steals.


Game4 Recap: BC 42 - Northwest 17 (WIN)  2-2 Record

The Green Team boys brought everything together for this game and won convincingly vs Northwest. We did not have official stats for this game but we did a better job overall of reducing turnovers and play execution. A lot of playing time was available for this game and we saw many of our younger players improve and gain confidence. GO GRIZZLIES!!!

Team Statistics: No official stats for this game

Player Highlights (notable performances): Ryan was courageous in this game, continually attacking the defense and showing his crossover and step out moves. His 2 assists showed great improvement. Jonah had an estimated 6 rebounds as well as multiple assists and steals. His aggressive play saved a possession for us many times. He is becoming a monster on the boards. Jason played hard ending with 5 points and a couple of rebounds. He is doing much better driving and finishing in traffic. Jason also had a RIP steal giving him Matthew provided some great defense and is learning how to play the post position quite well. His attitude is awesome and is a pleasure to coach. Connor played hard and grabbed a rebound and a steal showing he is learning to be more aggressive and confident on the floor.

Milkshake Award Scoreboard: 14 TOTAL (2 more this game) Jason 1 ?Jordan 2 Donovan 2 Jonah 3 Jace 6 


Game3 Recap: BC 42 - Bell. Christian 26 (WIN)  1-2 Record

The Green Team boys showed great improvement and notched our first win of the season against Bellevue Christian on Monday. Our defense has improved tremendously. We had 18 steals this game and are averaging 15 per game which is excellent. Also our free throw shooting was excellent hitting 16 for 23 (70%). But we also had 22 turnovers and averaging 24.3 per game which is very poor and needs improvement. Overall, I am very proud of how we are improving and representing Bear Creek. GO GRIZZLIES!!!

Team Statistics: Game Season Avg Rating 

  • Shooting (field) 29% 37% Poor
  • 3 Pointers 2 2.7% Fair
  • Shooting (FTL) 70% 58% Excellent
  • Rebounds 24 29 Fair
  • Assists 6 8.3 Good
  • Steals 18 15.0 Good
  • Turnovers 22 24.3 Poor
  • Milkshakes 3 12 

Total Player Highlights (notable performances): Matthew is getting better and better with every game. His defense was solid and grabbed 2 rebounds and even made a steal. Keep it up Matthew! Bouke had some good outside shot looks in the game, these will begin to fall in future games. His 2 rebounds and steal were also very helpful to the team. Jason tied for second most points on the team with 8 and was much better on defense tonight. I guarantee he will begin to hit a bunch of three point shots very soon. Donny again led all scorers with 14 points hitting one three point shot. His 4 steals also led the team and earned him another Milkshake award. Jace is showing some outstanding point guard skills as he not only scored 8 points but also dished 5 assists and grabbed 7 steals, both team leading and earning him two more Milkshake awards.


Game2 Recap: BC 42 - Overlake 54 (LOSS)  0-2 Record

The Green Team played our hearts out against an aggressive Overlake team today but in the end lost our second game of the season. The good news is that each player is playing hard and improving with each game. Overlake could not stop our point guards in the first half as we almost scored at will. But credit Overlake's guards with great passes inside to wide open players for layups. Our efficiency rating for this game was .75 which earns us a "Fair" rating. We will be working on defense and limiting turnovers again in tomorrows practice. We are a good team and I look forward to Monday's game vs Bellevue Christian for our boys to show just how good. GO GRIZZLIES!

Team Statistics:

        Game -  Season Avg  -   Rating

  • Shooting (field) 38% 41% Fair
  • 3 Pointers 3 3.00 Good
  • Shooting (FTL) 50% 50% Poor
  • Rebounds 24 31.5 Fair
  • Assists 6 9.5 Fair
  • Steals 13 13.5 Good
  • Turnovers 24 25.5 Poor
  • Milkshakes 4 (7 Total) 

Player Highlights (notable performances):

Donny reduced his turnovers almost in half this game and tied for leading scorer. He is proving to be very difficult to stop on offense. Travis put in another solid workman-like performance today. He continues to improve and learn. He pulled in another 5 rebounds and was very physical inside. Jonah was very aggressive snagging 5 rebounds and he earned a milkshake award for his 4 steals. I am expecting a breakout scoring game from him very soon. Jace had another very balanced game tying with Donny for top scorer of the game, dishing 5 assists and making 4 steals. The two latter stats earned him two more Milkshake awards Jordan led all players with 7 rebounds earning his first Milkshake award 


Game1 Recap: BC 60 - Bush 61 (LOSS)  0-1 Record

Our Green Team boys made Bear Creek proud tonight showing a never quit attitude. Unfortunately we fell to Bush by only 1 point but our ability to come back many times after being down by as many as 10 points shows a toughness we will need. For a first game, it was a great one. The intensity level was that of almost a playoff game. Our outside shooting was very strong but need improvement on converting layups and put-backs after rebounds. Missing 13 missed free throws also makes it hard to win games but we will improve that stat I am sure. Overall I was very proud of all the players. Our next game with Overlake on Thursday is going to be great as well. GO GRIZZLIES!

Team Statistics:

Game  Avg Rating  Game Season Avg  Rating 
 Shooting (Field)    44% 44% Good 
 3 Pointers   3  3 Good
 Shooting (FTL)    50%  50%  Poor
 Rebounds   39%  39%  Good
 Assists    13  13  Excellent
 Steals   14  14  Good
 Turnovers   27  27  Poor
 Milk Shakes  3    







 Player Highlights (5 notable performances): Jace played a great game at the point showing good leadership and filled the stat sheet, leading the team with 10 rebounds and 11 assists and added 4 steals! His rebound and assist totals earned him 2 Milkshake Awards. Jace's "Efficiency Rating" for the game was off the charts high with 2.17 (anything over 1.50 is excellent). Jordan played his heart out today grabbing 7 rebounds (tied for 2nd on team) and scored 7 points. His defense was strong and he overcame a brief sickness to return and play hard at the end. Jordan's "Efficiency Rating" was 1.40 (Very Good). Travis was the surprise of the game for me. He plays with passion and brought huge effort today. His 5 rebounds and 2 steals along with aggressive defense helped the team come back to compete for the win. Donny had the hot hand today hitting for 33 points and shooting 63% from the field and 86% from the free throw line (all excellent numbers). His 5 steals earned him a Milkshake Award. Donny's "Efficiency Rating" was also high with 1.52 (excellent). We look forward to seeing how Donny improves throughout the season. Connor impressed me at how he is improving. From the first day of practice to the first game we have seen such great improvement and we look forward to seeing how he does through the season.