Bear Babe Ruth: Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed


Bear Babe Ruth operates based volunteers alone and every little bit helps!  If you have a few minutes to spare and would be interested in helping out with Field Work/ Maintenance, the "behind the scenes" activities in running the Concession Stand, Fundraising events, Umpiring, and would like more information, please contact a board member (contact information found by clicking the "Board of Directors" tab to the left.

Team Parents Needed for Every Team!

To help us manage our league efficiently and successfully, there are many tasks a team parent can do.  

Concession Stand

  • Ensure parents work their assigned shifts, facilitate reschedules.  
  • Remind parents of their shift
  • Coordinate snack after every game
  • Distribute picture forms
  • Notify all parents of time for team pictures.
  • Encourage all players to be present for a Team picture.
Other Stuff
  • Other duties, as needed to help the manager and coaches, including scheduling any social functions for the team.

Having a Team Parent is essential!   The managers and coaches will have more time to work with the players if they do not have to worry about the administrative end.  If you would like to be a Team Parent, please express your interest and talk to your Team’s Manager.


If you would like to join our terrific staff of umpires as a junior umpire, or volunteer or paid umpire; we’d like to hear from you!  Please contact the Umpire Coordinator, Mike Henn, at

The Concession Stand Auxiliary

The Concession Stand (snack shack) is a major contributor of income to our league. The success of the snack shack will depend upon volunteers doing a little more than a 2-hour shift for each player in the league.

These are some ways you can help out:

  • Supervise shifts during the season. Give the assigned staff instructions at the beginning of the shift and clean-up instructions at the end of the shift.
  • Pick up items at BJ’s or Costco’s once a week. Almost all of the food is delivered during the week, but candy, ice cream, condiments, and specialty food items must be picked up by someone.

Contact any board member sign up.

*  NOTE:  Even if you just have a little extra time one night a week or every other week, every bit of help makes a difference.