Bear Babe Ruth: All Stars

2013 Baseball All-Stars
2013 Baseball - 8U   2013 Baseball - 9U   2013 Baseball - 10U
Manager Jamie DeRegis   Manager Drew Phillips   Manager Rob Niggebrugge
Coach Mitch Thomas   Coach Tom Chellew   Coach CJ Hoffman
Coach Josh Holloway   Coach Chalie Lane   Coach Pat Hogan
  Benjamin Campbell     Jonathan Chellew     Anthony Bellamy
  Christian DeRegis     Bailey Crone     Hank Branton
  Andrew Fraley     Tristan Crossland     Andrew Emberger
  Jake Holloway     Tyler Crossland     Aidan Fleming
  Colin Klapinsky     Landon Faust     Zach Hart
  Nathan Owens     Dylan Grant     Jared Hoffman
  Owen Parrish     Joey Lane     Tyler Hogan
  Garrett Quinn     Aidan Norris     Keegan Miller
  Zachary Redding     Ethan Phillips     Cody Niggebrugge
  William Shahan     Patrick Rafferty     Colby Niggebrugge
  Dylan Smallwood     Clayton Ritter     Dillon Peden
  Chase Thomas     Andrew Vogel     Bryce Sterling


2013 Baseball - 11U   2013 Baseball - 12U   2013 Baseball - 14U
Manager Tom Pritchard   Manager Andy Tracey   Manager Dave Bradkey
Coach Ray Pusey   Coach John Sparco   Coach Brian Henry
Coach Bryan Grygo   Coach Mike Henn   Coach Dan Farren
  Matt Chapman     Vinny Anselmi     Sean Bradley
  Trevor Coleman     Ethan DeRegis     Justin Farren
  Noah Finocchiaro     Xander Emberger     Ryan Fulmer
  Dylan Grygo     Ethan Flanagan     Sean Henry
  Shawn Haut     Eric Henn     Ethan Henry
  Myles Haynes     Tommy Lane     Amir Holly
  Matt Lauderbaugh     Nick Mongillo     James Kelleher
  Davie Preziuso     Brian North     Logan Kim
  Andy Prichard     Deven Richmond     Kyle King
  Zach Pritchard     Johnny Sparco     Nick Lane
  Derek Pusey     Tommy Tracey     Khalil Lau-Dickinson
  Ryan Rigby     Evan Trakas     Billy Mckenzie

2013 Softball All-Stars

2013 Softball - 8U 2013 Softball - 10U (Red) 2013 Softball - 10U (Blue)
Manager Erica Duca   Manager Steve Owens   Manager Laurie Hackett
Coach Richard Murphy   Coach Vincent Testa   Coach Greg Bell
Coach Tom Whitson   Coach Greg Ferris   Coach Lou Waguespack
  Alaina Alston     Logan Broomall     Payton Bell
  Devin Baines     Hunter Collier     Hailee Fields
  Veronica Diomede     Danielle Ferris     Alyssa Fitzgerald
  Jayden Doan     Madelyn Hackett     Jacquelyn Hackett
  Gianna Duca     Melissa Hrycak     Sarah Henry
  Lindsay Henn     Jasmine Lau - Dickinson     Darla LaShomb
  Marilynn LaShomb     Haylee Mulvena     Rebecca Maiorano
  Maiti Meginniss     Lauren Owens     Jenna Sparco
  Ashlee Mulvena     Mackenzie Popp     Sara Thorpe
  Sara Murphy     Sarah Pritchard     Rylei VanHoose
  Madison Parisi     Peyton Pusey     Peyton Vivian
  Madison Perry     Alissa Sutton     Elizabeth Waguespack
  Madelyn Pritchard     Antonia Testa     Julia Weglarz

2013 AA All-Stars

2013 Baseball - AA 7-8YO Extravaganza-Blue 2013 Baseball - AA 7-8YO Extravaganza-Red
Manager Mark Alley   Manager Bryan Grygo
Coach Michael Speicher   Coach Chalie Lane
Coach Tom Jackson   Coach Renard Rhem
Coach Steve Purse   Coach Tim Brennan
Coach     Coach Eugene Paoli
Coach     Coach Chip Watkins
  J.C. Alley  - River Bandits     Connor Brennan - Threshers
  Cole Armour  - Hooks     Brandon Grygo - Stars
  Riley Ciria  - Hooks     Joseph Kalb - Volcanoes
  Miguel Herb  - Blue Wahoos     Bryan Kosc - Volcanoes
  Thomas Jackson  - Hooks     Michael Lane - Stars
  Tahj Johnson  - Rock Hounds     Nathan Morris - Threshers
  Aidan Kelly  - River Bandits     Nicholas Musike - Threshers
  Christian Kennard  - Blue Wahoos     Michael Paoli - Timber Rattlers
  Malik Moore  - Rock Hounds     Renard Rhem - Stars
  Chase Rooney  - River Bandits     Suyash Singh - Timber Rattlers
  Matthew Speicher  - Blue Wahoos     Andrew Tiberi - Timber Rattlers
  Brandon Zoladkiewics  - Rock Hounds     Nathan Waters - Volcanoes

All-Star committment documents
Handout: All-Star committment documents

2013 All Star Manager & Player Selection and Requirements

Monday, December 28
2011 All Stars
All-Star Manager/Player Selection Process  The goal of the All-Star Committee is to have the best possible team representing the league while giving the manager, his coaches and the players the most efficient use of their time to prepare for the upcoming State and possible Regional Tournaments. Manager Selection: This process will be given to all Division Coordinators and team managers in Triple A, 46/60, 50/70, Senior, 10U softball, 12U softball, and 14U softball divisions. Any Manager or Coach interested in being a candidate will submit his/her name to the Division Coordinator, who will then submit such names to the All-Star Committee no later than midnight on _________________. In the event that there are no candidates from the respective Division, candidates will be considered from other levels within the division of interest ( if no AAA Managers or Coaches are interested in managing the 8’s, a Manager or Coach from the Majors Division may submit his/her name for consideration).   
Team Division Manager Selected From
  8’s AAA
  9’s 46/60
10’s 46/60 and 50/70
11’s 46/60 and 50/70
12’s 50/70
13’s Senior
14’s Senior
15’s Senior
Softball 10U 10U and 12U
Softball 12U 12U
Softball 14U 14U
 **Any manager/coach that is selected to an all-star team must have completed their Babe Ruth Coaching Certification and must also have had a background check performed within the past 12 months**.   Once the candidates are identified, those names will be brought before the Board of Directors for approval.  After Board approval, the names will be sent back to the Division Coordinator. The Division Coordinator will advise the candidates who will make themselves available for an All-Star Manager Selection Meeting to be held on _________________.  All candidates, managers of the respective divisions (a coach may NOT vote in place of a manager), the Division Coordinator and the All-Star Committee need to be available for a meeting on a date TBD so that a vote can take place. Each candidate will be given no more than 3 minutes to give an introduction of himself/herself.  Upon completion of all presentations, the managers and the All-Star Committee will conduct a blind vote electing the person who will be awarded the manager position of the All-Star team (majority vote wins). Any All Star Committee member who is interested in interviewing for managing an All-Star team will only be able to vote once as a manager. He/she will not vote as an All Star Committee member. In the event of a tie, the lower vote recipient will be removed and a re-vote will occur. In the event of a second tie, a revote will occur with an odd number of All-Star Committee members voting (determine by coin flip if need be). The website will then be updated with the names of the All-Star Managers for each age group. Each manager is allotted two roster coaches to be in the dugout. Those two coaches must have their Babe Ruth Coaching Certification and have had a background check within the past twelve months. All coaches must have been rostered within their respective division during the regular season in order to coach on an all-star team.  **Important: each team during the regular season has a manager and 2 rostered coaches (meaning that a 3rd or 4th coach that helps during the season will NOT be eligible to manage an all-star team**.  Note: Any previous All-Star Manager who won a State Sanctioned Tournament the prior year, will be given the first opportunity to manage the same team, provided he/ she is a rostered manager or coach within that division. See the list below.   
Team Manager
  8’s Open
  9’s Tom Pritchard
10’s Open
11’s Chris Steckline
12’s John Weglarz
13’s Open
14’s Open
15’s Jay Bowerson
Softball 10U Open
Softball 12U Open
Softball 14U Open
  Player Selection: On __________________ each manager will nominate any all-star caliber players from their team for each respective age group. Once each manager has nominated their own players, they may nominate any players from other teams that didn’t get nominated by their own manager. Note: A coach may be designated to nominate players in the event that the manager can’t be present – this coach can ONLY nominate players prior to the vote, but will NOT take place in the vote. In the event that either a team's manager or designated coach cannot be present, players can be nominated by manager via e-mail to the all-star committee prior to the nomination/vote. Note: Each manager is responsible for contacting the parents of each of their nominations, on their team or other teams, prior to the nomination to get a verbal commitment that they will adhere to the 75% minimum attendance requirement of all practices and games during all-star preparation/play.  **If a commitment is not achieved prior to the selection process that player will be deemed ineligible**.  Once the names have been presented and confirmed, the division managers will meet to vote for any eligible players to be placed on the team. The division managers are required to select players one through ten of each All-Star team. The top ten vote recipients, as selected by the division managers, will be placed on the All-Star Team. In the event of a tie for the tenth player, the managers will vote again on those two players with the top vote getter receiving the tenth spot on the team. At this point, a re-vote will occur to rank the remaining players. The all-star manager must select at least two players to meet the minimum twelve player requirement set forth by Babe Ruth, but no more than five to allow the maximum of fifteen. If the All-Star Team Manager desires to choose two additional players, they must be selected from within the top five ranked players. If three additional players are to be chosen, they must be selected from within the top seven ranked players, and so on. (there is no need to re-rank if the number of players left on the board is within the amount the manager has to select from – i.e. if the manager has decided he will select two additional players and there are only five players left on the board, there is no need to re-rank since he can pick any of the five).  **If at any point a player that is contacted to represent an all-star team declines to commit to that team, that player is then deemed ineligible to play on any other all-star team that year.** All-star nomination requirements are as follows: Baseball: 8 Year-Old All-Star Team – player must play in the AAA division. An 8 year-old player that plays in the AA division during the regular season is not eligible. The AAA managers will select this team. This team will compete at the 46/60 level. Baseball: 9 Year-Old All-Star Team player must play in the 46/60 division. A 9 year-old player that plays in the AAA division during the regular season is not eligible. The 46/60 managers will select this team. This team will compete at the 46/60 level. Baseball: 10 Year-Old All-Star Team – player must play in either the 46/60 or 50/70 divisions. A 10 year-old player that plays AAA during the regular season is not eligible. The 46/60 managers and any 50/70 manager that has a 10 y/o player nomination will select this team. This team will compete at the 46/60 level. Baseball: 11 Year-Old All-Star Team – player must play in either the 46/60 or 50/70 divisions. The 50/70 managers and any 46/60 manager that has an 11 y/o player nomination will select this team. It is the team manager’s discretion as to what level the team competes in – 46/60 or 50/70. Baseball: 12 Year-Old All-Star Team – player must play in the 50/70 division. The 50/70 managers will select this team. It is the team manager’s discretion as to what level the team competes in – 46/60 or 50/70.  As stated, it is our goal to put the best team possible on the field, so based on this premise we will have one team per age group with the best 12-15 players selected.  Note: At the 11 y/o and 12 y/o level, if the manager decides they will play at the 50/70 level then we will NOT field a 46/60 team. If the manager decides to play at the 46/60 level then we will NOT field a 50/70 team.  Softball: 10U All-Star Team – player must play in the 10U or 12U division. 12U All-Star Team – player must play in the 12U division. A 12U all-star player that plays in the 16u division during the regular season is not eligible. 16U All-Star Team – player must play in the 16U division.   ** Any player selected to play on any of the above all-star teams must have played in at least 50% of the regular season games in the appropriate division to be deemed eligible for all-star play. If the total games played is an odd number of games then the lesser number of 50% of games played is used (i.e. If 15 total games played then the player to be eligible would have to have played in 7 games).**


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