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Step-by-step instructions on how to purchase your online coaching certification course

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Coaches Certification
Exciting News on Coaches Certification

The Babe Ruth Coaching Certification Program


Since the 2008 season, coaching certification has become a mandatory requirement for Bear Babe Ruth. Under this requirement, all of our managers (A-Ball through Softball) and all of our coaches (AA-Ball through Softball) must become certified, prior to opening day. Failure to comply with this mandatory requirement will mean that you will not be permitted to manage or coach a team this season.


There is no one single action that can have more of a positive impact on our players than improving the quality and knowledge of our managers and coaches. Volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our sport and this program teaches coaches to keep the game fun, safe, exciting and simple for the kids, making sure their experience is enjoyable.


There are four course choices for you to choose from, any of which can be used to complete your certification. The courses can be purchased through the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Center by logging onto Coaches who complete the course will be able to print a certificate of completion and the certification is valid throughout your coaching experience. 


We are proud to stand behind the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education and Certification Program.

The Board of Directors

Bear Babe Ruth


If you have any further questions about this requirement or of the course content, please contact a board member.

Mandatory Background Check
Every manager and rostered coach (Exception: Rostered coaches in A-Ball) in Bear Babe Ruth are required to take a background check. It is very quick and simple and all information is kept private. The cost is $13 and non-refundable. This is a yearly requirement. To complete your background check simply enter the site you used to register your player, sign in, and click the background check button.

Babe Ruth League Sportmanship Code

Pitching Injury Prevention
Handout: BBA - Preventing Pitching Injuries

Playoff Seeding - Calculation Method

The default method for calculating regular season standings for Playoff seeding is (W/(W+L)), ties are not part of the calculation.  If the result of a tie game (suspended game) will cause a change in the standings it should be continued to determine a winner (if schedule permits).

 The default method for standings is Win/Loss percentage.  If a standings tie exists, the tie breakers are:

1.           Head to Head record
2.           Fewest runs given up (head to head)
3.           Run differential with a maximum of 10 per game (head to head)

Click here for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Bat Rules

Too often kids struggle when hitting with a bat that is too big for them and often parents are not informed of the proper way to purchase a bat.  See below for an easy to use chart to determine the size of a bat to buy for your child.

Bat Buying Guide