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Tuesday, October 20
All-Star Shirts

All-Star Families,

Commemorative shirts for the BBR 2015 All-Star season are now available.  If your player did not receive a shirt at the picnic please contact the manager of your team.  There is no additional charge for players and all shirts were ordered based on the requested jersey size.  We also have a few extra shirts available for fans to purchase at $15 each.  Please email those requests to

online registration.jpg

Click the Online Registration button above to connect to our registration site.

Click here for our BOUNDARY MAP

** New Families **:

If you are new to our league and live within our boundaries (click the map above to confirm), you can still register.  Once you have completed your registration, you will need to provide your child's birth certificate and proof of residency (utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, etc).

Please scan or take a picture of your proof of residence and your child's birth certificate and email them to Tom Pritchard at

Sunday, November 16
NEW for 2015 Season (schools within our boundaries)

New rule change for the 2015 season...NOW you can play for BBR if you attend a school WITHIN our boundaries, even if you LIVE OUTSIDE our boundaries.  This is a new change.  Previously you had to live within our boundaries, but now you can just go to a school within our boundaries!!  Tell all of your friends and neighbors.

Kodiak Field Rentals

The ball fields at Kodiak Park are available to rent for practice, games and scrimmages.  Check the handouts section of the website for our field rental application.  Only teams who are made up of 100% BBR players (actively registered) can use Kodiak Park without a rental agreement, but you still must coordinate with a board member to schedule field use.

If you are managing a travel team and want to use the fields, you MUST complete all three of the following:


  1. complete a field rental agreement and submit it to BBR for review/approval along with
  2. a copy of your team insurance with Kodiak Park and Bear Babe Ruth listed in your policy
  3. pay the rental fee prior to the date(s) you are renting


Wednesday, April 9

If you're like most people you have multiple email addresses (work, home, etc) or have multiple people who need to know when we make an announcement or a game gets cancelled. 

Did you know that you can manage who receives emails from BBR by updating your Online Registration account?  All BBR emails are sent from that Online Registration system.  You can add up to 3 email addresses for each adult on the account.  Go there today and make updates (remove old email addresses, update or add new email addresses).

Scroll down and click on the "Online Registration" button below or go to to log into your registration account.  Keep this account up to date with all pertinent contact information because that is what is used to provide to team managers and also to send emails from BBR.

Bear Babe Ruth Travel Tournaments

Bear Babe Ruth will continue to host travel baseball tournaments this year, in partnership with Tag 'Em Tournaments.  Click on "Tournaments" link in the left-side menu for more information.



A Message from the President of the Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Registering with Eteamz
If you have not already registered with eteamz you can click on the above link and that will take you to the registration page. Once you complete the registration page, the league will receive an email from eteamz with your request. Once you have been verified on our current roster, your access will be granted and you will receive a reply email with your username and password. If you have any questions please contact                . Thanks!