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Beadling Soccer Fall
Beadling U12 Fall Soccer 2010
Sunday, September 19
The boys are back!! The boys are back!! Read all about it!
Well, it’s the start of the Fall Soccer Season and the U12 Beadling boys are off to a good start. Head Coach Brian Zura has eleven new faces to form a team chemistry that should develop into a solid team. Thus far, the boys are showing positive signs as they have played well in the first two games of this young fall season. Good luck boys as it should be a season to remember as well as for all teams participating this Fall! Don’t forget to check out the game highlights of our first two games! Oh! What a day to be on the pitch!

Saturday, October 2
Beadling Boys unable to finish at Reutom Field!

The boys played at Reutom field against Victory Express today. Beadling just could not find the right fuel mixture to get the engine cranking, thus they settled the game with a draw. Good luck next week boys!

Sorry, no game highlights this week!

Tuesday, October 12
U12 Beadling Boys Head To Maryland To Play In SAC Tournament!
Hello again everybody! It’s a soccer weekend in Maryland! The boys played in the SAC Tournament over the holiday weekend that proved to be a solid experience for the boys. Playing in the U13 division gave them a BIG challenge and they responded well. Team defense kept the boys alive in their first match as the offensive machine struggled to find the back of the net. However, in the second game the offense came alive and tickled the twine on several occasions. The defense once again proved to be stellar as they turned many defensive stops into offensive opportunities. They finished the match by posting their third shutout for the fall season! After the second match they went out for a night on the town.   We traveled to RFK Stadium to see the storied franchise DC United take on the San Jose Earthquakes. The team also had the special honor of participating in the opening ceremony. It truly was a special night for the boys and parents to enjoy each other’s company and take in a professional soccer match on a beautiful night. After the game we headed to the hotel to rest the boys up for the next match. This match up proved to be difficult for the boys as the size and strength of their opponent was very evident. Although, the first 15 minutes of the match the boys gave it their all in an effort to secure a victory. However, after a questionable goal in the first half the boys seemed to be deflated. Thus, with size and strength the opponent wore Beadling down throughout the match and went on to claim victory. The Beadling boys will bounce back as they head home to regroup and prepare for their next match. Continue to work hard boys at training and even harder in games. So stay tuned everybody as the best is yet to come!

Saturday, October 16
Beadling Boys Having Growing Pains!

The boys faced Century United today at South Fayette Middle School. Its was a good match as both teams exchanged chances throughout the game. However, Century took home the "W" with a score of 1-0. Hold your heads high boys as you all played well today. In order for one to grow, one must learn many lessons and with each lesson you will gain experience. The final result in this case you may ask????.............will be a "TEAM" that has studied hard and with each test gained the experience to become a "CHAMPION"! Good luck in your next match boys! 

Saturday, October 30
Tough lost for our boys!

The boys played a fine match today, although the score was not in their favor. It's just more blocks being installed to a foundation that's sure to be strong. Remember boys, coaching only prepares players for a match……..the players must become a team in order to play a match. In due time the boys will become a team and when they do………….watch out!