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Monday, March 14

Thank you for visiting the very OLD, OUTDATED Poly Girls Soccer website.

 A new website is currently under construction and should be unveiled soon.

 Any immediate questions or concerns please direct to Coach Collins,




Program Expectations.

Poly soccer is a year round program. The summer schedules are out now, please contact Coach Collins @ LBPolySocr@aol.com

Summer programs include tournaments, leagues and beach workouts. All players interested in playing on any level team need to participate in the summer program. Exceptions can be made for extraordinary circumstances. After successful completion of the summer program players are enrolled in the Soccer Physical Education class. All players not participating in a fall sport (Tennis, Volleyball, Cross Country or Golf) are expected to fully attended the Soccer PE class. Fall includes ball work, weight training, fitness and tryouts. The season is in the winter and includes practices or games 5-6 days a week. Following the season players not competing in a spring sport (Track and Field, Softball, Swimming,or Badminton) once again participate in the Soccer PE class. Spring finds the team lifting weights, scrimmaging and maintaining high fitness levels.

Players interested in trying out should contact Coach Collins at LBPOLYSOCR@aol.com

Monday, April 20
2009 Summer Calender

Click on Link to View 2009 Summer Calender.


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Wednesday, February 11
Congratulations Varisty on your 1st place Finish For The 2008/2009 Season


Monday, April 20
College Decisions

Our Following Seniors have decided to attend the following Colleges,

Allison- Berkeley
Matti-LBCC (playing soccer)