Beach Collegiate Baseball League: Q & A

Wednesday, September 30


1. Are the housing locations condos? Are they by the beach?

Answer: No they are extended-stay places. Please view the housing tab to see complete details. They are located about 5 minutes from the beach.


2. Is there a payment plan?

Answer: Absolutely not. You can make multiple payments but the $500 deposit is due by January 15th and the remaining is due by May 1st. New players may still register and pay after May 1st if there is availability.


3. Will stats be posted on the website?

Answer: Stats will be posted on the BCBL GameChanger website.


4. How many players stay in each room?

Answer: 3 unless the player pays past the 5/1 deadline as stated in the contract


5. Does each player get their own bed?

Answer: Yes a bed or potentially a cot in certain instances unless paid past 5/1


6. Does the BCBL get the players jobs?

Answer: No, but we list on the “job info” tab a number of places to contact.


7. Will the standings be posted on the website?

Answer: The standings will be posted on the website and BCBL GameChanger website.


8. Are there league rules?

Answer: Yes, they are all posted online in BCBL operating procedures.


9. Are players held responsible for behavior on and off the field?

Answer: Yes, please view the player registration/contract.


10. Who should you contact with any questions?

Answer: Please call the BCBL office at (843)222-5449.


11. Will there be an athletic trainer on site?

Answer: Not at all times but ice, tape, etc will be provided as needed


12. How often do we play at the Pelicans Stadium?

Answer: All depends upon availability.


13. What kind of fields are used?

Answer: High School Fields, City Fields and depending upon availability, Pro and College Fields. On City fields, pro-style portable mounds are used as well. We play on pristine artificial turf at Market Commons complex.


14. When is schedule posted?

Answer: May 25th


15. When are rosters posted?

Answer: Final Rosters are posted by May 27th


16. What is the refund policy?

Answer: Refer to the player registration/contract.


17. Are the players provided with linens? Do they need to bring any towels, etc?

Answer: All linens are provided. Just bring beach towels.


18. Will the teams practice?

Answer: That will be at the discretion of the coaching staff of a particular team.


19. When will rooming lists be posted?

Answer: May 25th.


20. What do BCBL players receive?

Answer: Please look at BCBL Important Information Tab.


21. Do players need their own transportation?

Answer: It is recommended, but they can link up with teammates to carpool.


22. Who will be the league’s umpire association?

Answer: The league will be run by Don Wiggins and South Atlantic Umpires Inc.


23. Who will be in charge of game balls, team bats and team equipment?

Answer: All of the above products are given to the coaches of each particular team by the General Manager. 

24.  Is there opportunity for players to get jobs? Yes there is ample opportunity. See below for some details.


Job Information

The BCBL has listed links below to guide players towards connecting with some of the busiest work environments during the summer tourist season here in Myrtle Beach. We do not connect with these work places, it is up to the player to reach out to them and set up job interviews.


(Restaurant Row)