Beach Collegiate Baseball League: Futures Game

Wednesday, September 30
11:00am Fastest Man Competition
1. Each Player will run one 60 yard dash
2. Each Player will run one time around the basepaths 
3. The top two players will then go head to head in a 60 yard dash runoff
1.  Adam Tricarico (Surf)
2.  Grant Otto (Longboards)
3.  Noah Suarez (Lagoon)
4.  Cole Channel (Rays)
5.  Connor Tatum (Whales)
6.  Jack Duffy (Manowars)
7.  Justin Anderson (Crawdads) 
8.  Colin Laird (Bluefish)
9.  Chase Duncan (Cadets)
12:00pm: Home Run Derby 
1. Each Player gets 6 outs in round 1
2. Top 4 Advance to round 2 where each player gets 6 outs
3. Top 2 advance to round 3 where each player gets 5 outs
1. Josh Greenburg (Surf) 
2. Dan Zamarin (Longboards)
3. William Welsh (Lagoon)
4. JP Radvanny (Rays)
5. Trader Flora (Whales)
6. Rob Williams (Manowars)
7. Nick Spiliotis (Crawdads) 
8. Chris Crabtree (Stars)
9. Parker Denny (Bluefish)
10.  Austin Tidwell (Cadets)
4:00 Futures Game
Top Prospects from the BCBL will display their skills against one another in a 9 inning game 
-Chase Duncan-OF (Cadets)
-Wade Raburn-OF  (Cadets)
-Jay Simpson-Rhp (Cadets)
-Tate Pepper-C (Cadets)
-Cayde Williams-1b/2b (Cadets)
-Bryce Hanson-Lhp (Cadets)
-Ford Ladd-Lhp/1b (Longboards)
-Pete Iannarelli-Inf (Longboards)
-Paul Gadaletta-Rhp (Longboards)
-Jack Arend-C/OF (Longboards)
-Cole Trait-OF/SS (Longboards)
-Tony Oh-OF (Lagoon)
-Nathan McKenrick-Rhp (Lagoon)
-Noah Suarez-OF/2b (Lagoon)
-Adam Biss-Lhp (Lagoon)
-Jamar Weaver-3b (Manowars)
-Brian Canyon-Rhp (Manowars)
-Kyle Back-Lhp (Manowars)
-Dustin Brown-1b (Manowars) 
-Barry Marshall-OF (Bluefish)
-Colin Laird-OF (Bluefish)
-Mike Dato-1b/C (Bluefish)
-Quinten Heckard-Rhp (Bluefish)
-Nick Sainato-C (Bluefish) 


-Alex Loparco-Inf (Rays)
-Paul Wetmore-Rhp (Rays)
-JP Radvanny-1b/DH (Rays)
-Jessie Kraft-2b/OF (Rays)
-Brendan Case-Lhp (Rays) 
-Bailey Smith-OF/Rhp (Crawdads)
-Bryce McMullen-OF (Crawdads) 
-Nick Spiliotis-3b/OF (Crawdads)
-Stormy Taylor-OF (Crawdads)
-Grant Wehsler-1b/DH (Crawdads)
-Chris Seibert-2b (Surf) 
-Josh Greenburg-3b/OF (Surf)  
-Adam Tricarico-OF (Surf)  
-Connor Campbell-Rhp (Surf)
-Austin Slough-Lhp (Surf) 
-Trader Flora-1b/C (Whales)
-Hunter Gilliand-C/DH (Whales)
-Drew Haynie-INF/Utl (Whales)
-Jase Dalton-1b/OF (Whales)
-Blake Morris-OF/1b (Whales)
-Aaron Marquez-Rhp (Whales) 
-Chase Blueberg-Rhp (Stars)
-Lukas Polanco-1b/C (Stars)
-Dominic Sere-OF (Stars)
-Chris Crabtree-1b/OF (Stars)
-Hunter Jury-C/DH (Stars)