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2017 Football News

To our 2017 Beach Buccaneer players, parents and coaches:

Our 2017 online registration opens on April 1st, with our first walk up beginning in May. There are several big changes this season and I wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to speed.

First, as some of you have already heard, SMYAC has voted to do away with our weight chart and will now be unlimited weights at all ages. This will bring SMYAC in line with the rest of the state as we were one of the last leagues to switch to unlimited.

Second, because there will no longer be a weigh-in id card, the following id cards will now be mandatory to play, and must be available before each game for check in: MARYLAND STATE ID, MILITARY ID CARD, PASS PORT. Maryland id cards are recommended and can be obtained at the MVA in Prince Frederick. If you do not want your coach to hold on to your card throughout the season, it will be the parent’s responsibility to be at each pre-game check in, with the coach.

Lastly, we will be switching to a new jersey and game pant this year (photos will be available soon). Cost will be the same as last season, $70.00. Due to the jerseys and names being sublimated and not ironed/pressed on, all players must get pre-sized prior to our order being placed to insure proper fit / correct jersey number, and proper spelling of name. We will be setting up dates and times soon. If you do not show up to get sized, you will not get the number you want and may not have your name on the back. Anyone who registers online must order their jersey at that time and will only need to stop by and get sized and choose their number. Anyone who has still not registered at the time of sizing will be required to leave a $70.00 check, which will not be deposited. Once you officially register and purchase your jersey, your check will be returned. Please check back soon to find our dates and times we will be doing the sizing, as well as photos of our new uniforms.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank You ,

Greg Disney
Football Commissioner
Beach Buccaneers
240 499-6645