The Beach Buccaneers: News

Car Wash Success

The Beach Buccaneers Car Wash that took place Sunday, August 21, 2016 was a success!

I am extremely proud to be a part an organization that comes together and works as a team! The parents and children of the Beach Buccaneers woke up early to wash cars in order to receive donations for the Beach Buccaneer Organization. Everyone worked together with a positive attitude and smiled through the rain showers and clouds.

Thank You all so much for a great day! Please visit the "Album" section to see photos of the Car Wash. (Please send me an email if your name is left out below).

Chuck, Jamie, Andrew and Anthony Ghrist (9U/11U Football)
Eric, EJ Umphries (U12 Football) 
Donnie, Marcie, Julianna and Victor Powell (U11 Cheer/U12 Football)
Nicole, Mariah and Iyana Greenfield (U11 Cheer/U12 Football)
Katie, Jacob and Cameron Stone (U9/U10 Football)
Luke Broomfield Jason Cubbage (9U Football)
Julianne and Zoey Taylor (14U Cheer)
Scarlett Vollans (Flag Cheer)
Jamie and Jaelynn Bauguess (9U/Unlimited Cheer)
Tim and Isabelle Mcbride (14U Cheer)
Victoria and Nicco Siciliano (12U Cheer/12U Football)
Caitlyn and Tom Gilligan (12 U Cheer)
Mi Chaelyn Morris (11U Cheer)
Haley Doty (11U Cheer)
Nick, Zayden, Danica and Dorothy Lanthier (9U/10U)
Kennedy Buckmaster (11U Cheer)
Nathan Torres (11U Football)
Owen Malony (12U Football)
Jesue and Alexis Tristan (12U Football)
Oryon Mitchell (11U Football)
Austin Tipton (10U Football)
Dustin Grogan (12U Football)
Maliki Smith (12U Football)
Marco Lovecchio (U10 Football)

Fundraising Due Date Update

There has been an extension added to the Joe Corbi, Sport Cups and Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  All paper fundraisers/brochures are due back by 10/1/16.  They can be collected at the concession stand during the Homecoming games.  These orders will arrive in October for handout.

Online Fundraising for Sport Cups will remain open until 11/30/16.  These orders will be shipped directly to the address given online at purchase.

Online Fundraising for Yankee Candle will remain open until 1/11/17.  These orders will be shipped directly to the address given online at purchase.