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Welcome to the Home of Buccaneer Lacrosse!

Many thanks go out to the Beach Buccaneers Board of Directors, parents, and players for making this past season a good one. I believe we have a solid foundation upon which we can grow this sport and grow our club in the years to come. I appreciate the support from everyone. I look forward to next year.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about our lacrosse programs. My email address is

Jamie Brinegar
Lacrosse Commissioner



I wanted to thank Thompson Brothers Lacrosse and Cannon Select Lacrosse for the camp that was held June 22 & 23 at Kellam's Field. We had 3 Buccaneers make the camp.

Andrew Brinegar, Miles Thompson, Ryan Nebel, Hiana and Lyle Thompson, Nate Nalls

2015 Junior Team


2015 Middie Team Picture
2015 Middie Team Picture