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2015 Junior Team Picture
2015 Middie Team Picture
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Jamie Brinegar
P.O. Box 462
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Boys Lacrosse Registration Information:
Scoopers $75.00
Clinic $85.00
Peewee $110.00
Middies $110.00
Juniors $110.00
Shorts and Jerseys 45.00 each (Required for Juniors, Middies, PeeWee and Clinic, unless you have them from last year)
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Welcome to the Home of Buccaneer Lacrosse!

Many thanks go out to the Beach Buccaneers Board of Directors, parents, and players for making this past season a good one. I believe we have a solid foundation upon which we can grow this sport and grow our club in the years to come. I appreciate the support from everyone. I look forward to next year.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about our lacrosse programs. My email address is

Jamie Brinegar
Lacrosse Commissioner

2015 Junior Team

2015 Middie Team Picture

Monday, December 21

Online Registration will be available January 1, 2016 at www.beachbuccaneers.com3

On-site registrations will be held on January 9,16,23 & 30 at the Northeast Community Center from 10am to 12pm.

We are looking for lacrosse coaches. If you are interested in coaching at any level of lacrosse, please send an email to the commissioner, Jamie Brinegar, at

Scoopers U7 Born 9/1/08-8/31/10

Clinic U9 Born 9/1/06-8/31/08

Pee-Wee U11 Born 9/1/04-8/31/06

Midgets U13 Born 9/1/02-8/31/04

Juniors U15 Born 9/1/00-8/31/02

Handout: 2016 Lacrosse Flyer




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