BC Denver: Welcome

Reji Pollard

Mission Statement:

Basketball Club Denver is a competitive club/AAU basketball organization based in the Denver metro/Rocky Mountain region.  We operate as a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of young athletes by fostering competitive excellence and a growth orientation through the game of basketball.


At BC Denver we have a simple core philosophy...develop and inspire each individual athlete in our organization physically, socially, and psychologically to reach their maximum potential as young men/women and as basketball athletes. We approach this philosophy through a concept of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) in which the goal is to create an athlete-centered environment that maximizes the experience while preparing our players to excel at the next level. While no philosophy can ensure every player develops equally, as an individual determines his or her own success, we believe our philosophy creates the best environment for development, giving athletes and their parents the best opportunity to develop the desired end-product.

At BC Denver we recognize that a great philosophy cannot be executed without great people.  We are confident we have assembled the most professional and experienced staff of any club/AAU organization in the region.   From a basketball perspective our staff is comprised of former college and professional athletes that all have previous coaching experience at various levels.  We have also enlisted the services of a professional strength and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist to work with all athletes in our organization.  We fully understand the coach drives the development process through the environment he creates, his instruction and his communication…that’s why we have the best!

Finally, our training and evaluation methodology may be the most exciting part of who we are at BC Denver.  We believe in a performance based evaluation system as opposed to outcome based due to the fact that winning and losing is externally controlled while performance is controlled internally.   Simply put every loss does not equate to a bad performance and every win a good performance.  We compete hard and play to win every contest but from a developmental aspect we understand what’s most important to our process. In regards to training, we come from the school of thought that while there are many gifted athletes it still takes practice to become a great player.  We believe our system stands out due to three principles 1) Volume of practice 2) Quality of practice 3) Individualization of training.  Our emphasis is on developing the “fundamentally complete” player.  This means every player develops every skill regardless of size.  We believe to develop the elite basketball athlete training must be maximized in four primary areas. 1) Athletically (strength, agility, explosiveness, lateral and linear quickness, etc. 2) Mentally (confidence, concentration, mental toughness, decision-making, etc. 3) Technical Skill (shooting , passing, footwork, post moves, etc. 4) Tactical Skill (using a screen, court spacing, handling a trap, defensive rotations, etc.)

BC Denver prides itself on commitment, work ethic and a passion for the game.  We as an organization understand success comes to those who deserve success…we strive for that on a daily basis!


Geoff Golden

Executive Director of Coaching and Player Development