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Tuesday, January 4

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A Letter from Coach Alfonso, October 14, 2010


To all of our fans welcome to the Butler County Baseball website.  Thanks to the Butler County Board of Education and Superintendent Howard we have a new baseball field and a new facility to hit in.  These improvements should help our program get to where we need to be to achieve our goals.

We are entering a new era for the Butler County Baseball Program.  You notice, I said program, not team.  All high schools have a team, very few have a baseball program.  A program does well year in and year out, a team is successful every once in a while.  

Our coaching staff has its work cut out for them.  Over the last three years the baseball team has a record of 32-61.  Year in and year out the team has played some very weak competition.  In order for a program to get built and for players to improve, the schedule had to be made substantially tougher.  This year we will play Russellville three times, Franklin Simpson twice, Greenwood, Warren East, Warren Central and Owensboro Apollo.  We are also playing Muhlenberg County twice and Grayson County twice, who is in our district.  We have also entered the Bowling Green/Warren County Invitational Tournament, a very tough tournament year in and year out. 

While we have a good group of young kids in our program, the future must be now.  We can't wait 3 or 4 years to become competitive.  The coaching staff has confidence in the older players we currently have  We must make our players understand that they must believe in the coaching staff and in themselves to be successful.  We have put together an outstanding coaching staff that will make our players the best they can be.  While there will be an adjustment period, the prediction by many that we won't come close to winning 10 games will be proved wrong.

I will update you with much more information when tryouts are completed at the end of February.  I hope we can get some new fans to come to the ballpark when the season starts.  Our players deserve it.

Coach Alfonso


Handout: Schedule