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Thursday, January 13
What Equipment Do You Need?

BBSA now requires the minor leagues (ages 5-7) and boys & girls teams age 8 to wear a batting helmet with an attached face guard to minimize the possibility of injury.  The Board encourages all players to wear them and will expand the requirement in future years so it will eventually be required in all age groups.

Girls above the age of 8 are also required to wear a helmet with a face guard under ASA rules.

Selecting a proper bat is very important.  The end of the page includes a link to selecting a proper bat, but remember that the leagues that we play in also have requirements.  Attached are those requirements for 2012. 

Any questions on equipment can be directed to the Equipment Chairperson, Ryan Pruett.

Handout: 2011 Bat Information

Board Members

The following individuals have been elected to positions of the Board:

President . . . . . . . Todd Locker (expires in 2012) - ph. 330-874-1119
Vice President . . . . Shaye Hicks (expires in 2013) - Ph. 330-874-0132
Secretary . . . . . .   Steve Gilland (expires in 2012) - ph. 330-859-2898
Treasurer . . . . . . . Janine Garber (expires in 2013) - ph. 330-874-4183

The following individuals have been appointed to serve a one-year term as chairs for the BBSA Committees through the 2010 season:

Equipment . . . . . . . Ryan Pruett - ph. 330-874-7031
Fundraising . . . . . . Kari Kienzle - ph. 330-795-3022
Fields . . . . . . . .   Brian Goldsmith - ph. 330-364-1016
ASA . . . . . . . . . . Scott Himes - ph. 330-874-1347

Board members can be contacted via e-mail through the "Board" link on the left.

If you are interested in volunteering for any positions, please contact Todd Locker.

Good search
Friday, November 30
Help us Raise Money

Do you do searching on the internet using a search engine like yahoo, netscape, or aol?

If so, you can help us earn some extra funds simply by starting your searches at

You will need to select us (Bolivar Baseball & Softball Association) as the charity of choice and then do your searching as usual. (Watch to make sure we are selected as the charity so we get credit for the searching being done).

We then earn $.01 per search. Doesn't sound like much, but if 100 people do two searches every day for a year, we would receive $730!! The more people use it, or the more searches conducted - the more money we receive.

Please share this with any friends, family, co-workers, etc. It is a simple way for us to get some extra money.

Click on the title of this article & it will take you right to the website and have us already selected as your charity of choice.

Thursday, March 22
Baseball Tips & Drills Link

Check this eteamz site out for some good drills and ways to imporve your baseball skills.

Thursday, March 22
Softball Tips & Drills Link

Check out this link for some fastpitch softball tips & drills from eteamz!

Bolivar Baseball & Softball Association
Bolivar Baseball & Softball Association

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