Battlefield Basketball Officials Association: Useful www Links

The Arbiter Web site - BBOA Game schedules
Site used by BBOA Commissioner to assign games to individual BBOA officials. You must have an email address to participate. Contact Dan Young with your information.

NFHS Official Basketball Signals
Here is the latest mechanics illustrations, including the newest "exessive elbow."

Find updated info regarding rules changes, court diagrams, mechanics, etc.

Virginia High School League - Office
This will provide you links to all sports associations with the VHSL.

Toliver Basketball
George Toliver, NBA Official, offers insight to officiating basketball in his monthly newsletters; holds Officials & Players camp every June. Outstanding source of information!

Fredericksburg Parks and Rec Cancellations
Use this link to find out if Fredericksburg Parks and Rec games have been cancelled. Same simple rule as Stafford and Spotsy, if school has been cancelled, so are games.

School Closings
Use this link to find out if area public schools have been closed due to inclement weather, or other reasons.

VHSL Coach/Player Ejection Forms
This link at the Virginia High School League Office provides the coach and player ejection forms. As always, coordinate your report with the BBOA Commissioner as soon as possible after the ejection occurs.

NFOA - Rule Book - Uniform Supply Source
This uniform supply replaced the NFOA supply that was listed in the back of the NFHS Rule Books. As of May 1st, the NFOA Uniform Supply went out of business. However, an employee who worked there for many years has sustained this uniform supply service under the new name - Get Official !

Referee Magazine

Purchase Officials Supplies
Line for uniform supplies for most sports. Use this link or call Donnie Vaden directly at 800-767-2233.

Smitty Lanyards
Clip-on lanyard or noose lanyards!

Make the Right Call - Rules Study Software
Includes the last 5 years NFHS exams and links to the corresponding section in the Rules and Case Book. Includes the most requested feature - full word search in both Rules & Case books.

Leather Luster Shoe Finish
Send your shoes in to Leather Luster for a patent leather finish. They strip the shoes black finish and apply their product. Turn around is normally less than 2 weeks. Call them in advance to ensure they can apply leather luster to your brand of shoe.

Leather Luster
P.O. Box 1645
Chesapeake, VA 23327-1645
(757) 548-0146
Margaret A. Paquet

Honig's Officials Supply
Source for referee uniform items.

Simply Fredericksburg
Provides links to all Spotsylvania area schools, addresses and phone numbers.