Baytown LL: Welcome

Games cancelled for tonight, Tuesday, November 17th. 
Raffle Winners 
Academy Gift Card – Albert/Linda Magdaleno
Tackel Box – Jacob Sanchez
Fitness Conection 30 Day Pass – Landin Kocsis
Fold up chairs – Ethan Eckhart
Fitness Conection 30 Day Pass – JoAnn Leathers
Flicker Air Scooter – Ashley/Bobby Robertson
24 Hour Fitness 3 Day Pass – Sonia Jimenez
El Toro Gift Card – Victoria Jackson
Yeti Cup – Jeremy T. Kervin
24 Hour Fitness 30 Day Pass – Britney Wagner
54 Quart Cooler – Reagan Sherrill
24 Hour Fitness 3 Day Pass – Patty Aldrete
Carter Autographed baseball – Matthew Sandoval
Fugi Camera – Rosa Herrera
5 swings @ Astros field – Hennigan
Wagon – Michael Gonzalez
24 Hour Fitness 3 Day Pass – Michelle Lenderman
5 swings @ Astros field – Kazmir
5 swings @ Astros field – Veronica Garza
24 Hour Fitness 30 Day Pass – Chelsea Morris
5 swings @ Astros field – Nuni
Academy Gift Card – Hilda Roux
5 swings @ Astros field – Josh Lenderman
El Toro Gift Card – Jayden Trousdale
24 Hour Fitness 3 Day Pass – Gammel
Yeti Cup – Ramonna Garibay
24 Hour Fitness 30 Day Pass – Tracy Wells
Altuve autographed baseball – Milton Coman
24 Hour Fitness 3 Day Pass – Alex Fleites
Ipod Shuffle – Abigail Chavez
5 swings @ Astros field – Cathy Aguajo
5 swings @ Astros field – Joshua Chapa
Beats Earbuds – Rios
5 swings @ Astros field – Nicole Guinnlep
RCA Tablet – Kaden Faulk  
Congratulations to the 2015-2016 BLL Board of Directors
Brittany Keene
Benito Munoz
Ciana Haggerty
DiAana Butler
Ian Irby
John Greer
Rob Haggerty
John Ward
Nicole Mariscal
Sean Laubach
Dee Moseley
Russell Snider
Alex Rodriguez
Lyn Williams
Gladys Garcia
Jaime Rendon
Jenny Davis
Amy Gonzalez
Aaron McElevay
Vanessa Marron
Willis Davis
Ramiro Gonzalez
Steven Moseley
David Marron
Stormy Thibodeaux
Marcus Morin
Juan Raymundo
Joe Markham
Chris McEntee
Todd Ellis 
Congratulations to the 2015 City Champions!!
Minor 3 Yankees 
Minor 2 White Sox
Minor 1 Indians 
Major Cardinals 
Congratulations to all the Home Run Derby Winners!
Tball - Rylan Irby
Minor 3 - Caden Rainey
Minor 2 - Aiden Vasquez
Minor 1 - Sebastian Jimenez
Majors - Chase Hagen
Adult - Victor Constante 
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Please understand that board members will get back to you as soon as they are able to, and your questions and concerns should go through the proper channels before taken to president, or vice presidents. 


Managers and Volunteers: The local league must conduct a nationwide search that contains the applicable sex offense registry data of all coaches, managers, board members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, that provide a regular service and/or has repetitive access to, or contact with players and teams.  If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, we need you, but you will need to fill out the Volunteer Form and provide a photo I.D. or