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Renegades Team Ethics and Charter Renegades Team Ethics and Charter


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Bay State Renegades
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  Renegades Team Ethics and Charter  

Friday, May 30
Baystate Renegades Team Ethics & Charter

 Baystate Renegades 

Team Ethics & Charter 

This document refers to the Renegades’ “Code of Conduct” that is to be read and signed by both theAthlete and their parents or guardians attesting that they accept and honor the commitments as stated. 

As a student, I will maintain good grades in order to continue to participate as a Renegade Hoopster.  Good basketball players are smart!  As a player, I understand that I am required to attend practices in order to learn and execute the Team’s plays.  At practice, I will work hard on improving as an individual and team player.  I also understand that missing practice without a valid excuse and prior notification will result in reduced playing time – the warning implied here is if you are going to be absent then call one of your coaches as soon as possible prior to a practice or game.  Team basketball can be very exciting, lots of fun, and very rewarding; but has its challenges.  Remember to respect yourself, respect others and be responsible for your own actions. 

The Renegades, as a Team will be recognized for a fair and spirited (aggressive) hard nose basketball.  I will at all times respect and follow the instructions and directions of my coaches, league/tournament staff and referees.  I will not question referee calls nor demonstrate unsportsmanlike behavior on the court, the bench or in the gym.  Verbal exchanges (arguing/taunting) between any players/parents (own team or opponent), fighting, gestures or profanity will not be tolerated.  Infractions such as these can lead to an athlete being removed from the roster.  If I have any concerns, I will take time to talk with the coach in an appropriate manner, including an appropriate time and place. 

As a Team Player, I understand that not all players will receive the same amount of playing time in a competitive basketball environment. I will fully and actively support the players on the court and strive to make myself a better basketball player by observing them, learning from them and my coaches and by playing solid fundamental basketball.  Practice makes everyone better!  This is a two-way street; our better players will strive to make the rest of the athletes a contributing part of our Team.  A single player does not necessarily lead to a win – hoop is a Team sport and positive team dynamics will result in my team’s overall success (wins).  I understand that I am encouraged to ask questions whenever I don’t understand something. 

I will inform the coaching staff immediately of any injury regardless of the severity. Athletes are required to discuss their athlete’s injuries with the coaches before a game or practice.  A physician’s note is required in order to return to play following an injury requiring medical attention.  The ultimate (final) decision on whether or not to utilize a player with an injury in a game or practice is at the discretion of the coaching staff.  Players are required to attend practices/games even when injured.  Observing practice sessions and games will prepare me for a smooth transition when I am able to return to play.  There will always be a first aid kit and a cell phone with the coaches.  Everyone has primary medical (health) insurance – right – remember the AAU insurance is a secondary form of insurance. 

Please drop off and pick up your players on time!  Recognize and respect the value and importance of volunteer coaches.  They give their time and resources to provide this activity for your child – this is not a babysitting service.  Please, Never, Ever, leave your daughters alone – make sure a coach is present.  Players must leave with their parents or inform coaches directly of alternate arrangements. 


Parents are encouraged to actively support the team in all games.  Cheer them on, encourage them and recognize all athletes for their positive accomplishments.  Do not criticize or critique their play or instruct them on what to do i.e., “DO NOT COACH YOUR CHILD,”   The coaches will instruct your child on how to play.  If you shout instructions or coach your child from the sidelines, your child will try to please you and the coach at the same time.  In trying to do both, children are confused and team play suffers.


They are playing for the Team, not for you.  Turn defeat into victory by helping your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship.  Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition.  Our Team philosophy does not include “running up the score.”  There may be times that you will recognize that all jump balls, or about of bounds calls are going to the opposition, or that the Team passes up on fast breaks and open shots and instead make 5 – 10 passes before a shot is taken.  This is but an example of our Team sportsmanship.


Parents, in light of the recent escalation of violence in children’s athletics, it is imperative that we as parents are good sports.  Do not vocalize criticism or dissatisfaction to or about the players, the coaches or other teams’ parents and/or the referees.  In other words, behave!  Children learn best by example; show a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants and your child will benefit.  The coaches will work the referees – let them draw the technical fouls.  Coaches do not like to be the recipient of the technical foul you the fan generated/committed.


For the parents:  the Team thanks you in advance for meeting your financial commitments in a timely manner.  This will prevent the team from being forced to cancel tournaments at the last minute.


Last but not least, the Bay State Renegades Organization and coaches thank you, each and every athlete, for making our teams THE TEAMS TO BEAT!  The hard work and fun begins now!
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