Bay State Fall Softball League: Welcome

Monday, September 3
Tips for Managers Heading Into Week 1

With games starting this coming Sunday, I would like to go over a few items you should all know as managers.

  • First and foremost, please print a copy of your division’s contact info sheet, the umpire contact info sheet, and the fall ball rules found in the Handouts section of the website.
  • Games are no new inning after 80 minutes. There is no drop dead time.
  • Please know your rules. I have added a pitching rule for the 10's and 12's this year. If you have any questions regarding the rule, send me an e-mail.
  • Host towns are expected to have the fields ready for the first games. In between games, I would encourage coaches from both teams to pick up a rake and give the mound and batter’s boxes a quick once over. It’s not necessary to re-line the field for the 2nd game…unless you are feeling really ambitious.
  • Host towns make the call if weather is an issue. If the fields are unsafe for play, then contact the umpire coordinator and the visiting teams.
  • Please pay the first umpire the full amount. That way the teams switching fields between games don’t have to carry change (pay each umpire $27.50 if the full-game fee is $55).
  • Each team is to provide 1 new game ball for each game. Also, please have another decent-condition ball ready in case a game ball gets lost.
  • Home team is determined by coin toss for all regular season games.
  • Winning team is to e-mail game results to
Have fun and do your best to make this a learning and enjoyable season for the girls. Some towns may have stronger programs than others so be respectful of your competitors. As I like to say, play to win, not to mercy. Best of luck to all teams!

Sunday, July 1
2018 Fall Ball Registration is Open

Registration for the 2018 Fall Ball season is open. Simply download and complete the registration form from the Handouts section and mail it along with your payment. The deadline for registering teams is August 17th! Please get the word out to ALL the players in your league. Here is the calendar for the 2018 Fall Ball season: