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Bay State Brats Fastpitch Softball

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BAY STATE BRATS 1996-1997, 2000-2014

The BAY STATE BRATS were organized in the fall of 1995 by Bo Durso & Paul Torla. Bo & Paul, after lengthy discussions, decided to put together a 14/under team for the upcoming 1996 ASA Junior Olympic season. Needing players, they put ads in papers, handed out flyers, and made many phone calls, and after a couple of tryouts, the 1996 BAY STATE BRATS were born. Although the BRATS entered the 1996 season as a 14/under team, they had only one 14 year old, but youth and inexperience didnt stop the BRATS from making a name for themselves. The BRATS had a very successful first year, winning over 70% of their games and making it to the semi-finals in 4 tournaments.   

   The BRATS decided to enter their team in the 96-97 indoor winter league at the Strike One Sports Complex in Burlington. What a decision it turned out to be. The BRATS captured the indoor championship by going undefeated. It was a sign of things to come.

   The BRATS entered the 1997 season with high expectations. A year older, and a winter league championship under their belt, good things were to happen in the summer of '97. With the BRATS now becoming a household name, recruiting became much easier. With a couple of key acquisitions and the returning members of the '96 BRATS, together they lived up to their expectations by winning 3 tournaments and finishing in the top4 on 5 other occasions.

   The 1998 & 1999 seasons found BRAT coaches and players exploring other options. What a mistake! Realizing this, Bo & Paul brought the BRATS back for the new millennium. The 2000 BAY STATE BRATS had some old faces, but had a bunch of new ones. What a bunch it turned out to be. The 2000 BRATS had an unbelievable year winning 4 tournaments and finishing with a record of 36-9-3. We exceeded even our own high expectations. Besides winning 4 championships, other highlights of the 2000 season included our trip to Montreal and witnessing the "perfect game" thrown by Shalynn Napolitano against the Franklin Lightning. What an accomplishment!

The 2001 BRATS had a tough task ahead of them if they were to match the success of the 2000 team....but somehow they did it. The 2001 BRATS had an outstanding year finishing with a 37 & 7 record, and winning 5 tournaments. The BRATS outscored their opponents 223-47 with 21 shutouts. Pitching & great defense continued to be the BRATS recipe for their success. One of the many highlights of the 2001 season was our trip to the NSA Nationals in Jupiter, Florida. The BRATS proved that they can play with anybody...just ask NSA National runner-up Miami Waves, who barely got by the BRATS with a 1-0 last inning win. Even in defeat, the BRATS were tough. Out of their 7 losses, 6 were by 1 run, and the other was a tough 3-1 extra inning loss to the always tough Fire-n-Ice. The 2001 BRATS team will go down as one of the best of all time.

The 2002 season found us having to start from scratch. With the decision to go down to the 12 & under level, the Brats needed to recruit an entire roster. The response was good....the end result was even better. The newly formed 12/under Brats finished with an amazing 42-16-1 record with 3 tournament championships, 2 second place finish, & 5 third place finishes while outscoring their opponents 276 to 129 with 19 shutouts. Like their predecessors, the 2002 Brats success relied heavily on great pitching and solid defense. They showed that they could carry on the great tradition of all the previous Bay State Brat teams, and that they will do so for some time to come. The core of this team will be together for many years, which only means that the future looks bright for the Bay State Brats.

The 2003 season found the Brats moving up to the 14 & under division. With only one 14 year old on the roster, this was suppose to be a rebuilding year. However, it turned out to be the winningest Brats team of all time. Including the Fall season, the Brats finished with an overall record of 54-8-1 outscoring their opponents 366-98 while winning an amazing 6 tournaments. Being the youngest team in every tournament didnt faze this incredible team. They proved how important team chemistry can be. They were an unbelievable TEAM.

If the 2004 Brats were to match their success of 2003, they would have to be be nothing
 short of sensational, well they were sensational. Besides winning 7 Championships including the NSA Mass State Championship & the NSA Super World Series in Illinois, the Brats finished the season with an incredible record of 70 & 7 outscoring their opponents 449-48. Of the Brats 70 wins, 49 of them were shutouts.
Once again, outstanding pitching and phenominal defense was the Brats recipe for success. Winning the NSA Mass State Championship, the NSA Super World Series in East Peoria, Illinois, and going 6 & 1 at the NSA World Series in Columbus, Ohio were just a few of the many highlights of an incredible season. The 2004 Brats will go down as the best Bay State Brat team of all time.

The 2005 season found the Brats moving up to the 16 & under level. With an 11 player roster, and none of them league age 16, the Brats should've gone through some growing pains, however, they continue to show that they are one of the best teams in the eastern United States. They finished their incredible season with a 60 & 4 record winning 7 Championships including the NSA Mass State Championship and the ASA Eastern Nationals in York, PA. The Brats outscored their opponents 441-65 while posting 33 shutouts. Capturing the NSA Mass State Championship for the 2nd straight year, and winning the ASA Eastern Nationals in York, Pa were just a couple of the many highlights of an amazing season for this young team.

The Brats continued their winning ways in the 2006 season at the 16 & under level. Despite playing in both 16/U & 18/U tournaments, the Brats finished the season with a 42-7-1 record. They captured 4 tournament championships including their 3rd consecutive NSA Mass State title. The Brats outscored their opponents 305-64 for an .840 winning percentage. The Brats pitching staff of Chelsea Durso, Hannah Everson, & Kelly Ryan combined for 25 shutouts of their 42 wins. There were many highlights of the 2006 season, but the biggest accomplishment was finishing 5th out of 98 teams at the NSA World Series in Columbus, Ohio. The Brats finished the World Series with a 9-3 record(most wins of any of the 98 teams)More amazingly, of their 9 wins, 8 were consecutive. The Brats continue to show that they are one of the best teams in the country, and though there will be some changes for the 2007 season, history shows that the Brats will be a team to be reckoned with.

The 2007 season found the Brats moving up to the 18/U level. With all 1st year 18/U players, and with our pitchers throwing from 43'for the first time, this was suppose to be a transitional season, instead, another fantastic job by our girls. They finished the season with a 34 & 17 record outscoring their opponents 242-118. Of the Brats 34 wins, 15 were shutouts. The Brats captured 2 tournament championships including their 4th consecutive NSA Mass State title. They also finished as tournament runner-ups in one tournament, and 3rd place in two others. Other highlights of the season included finishing 5th at the ASA Eastern Nationals in York, PA. With 11 players returning for the 2008 season, and the addition of Jenna Lipscomb and Marissa Palumbo, the future looks bright for the Bay State Brats as they look to continue their winning ways.

As a second year 18/U team, the 2008 Brats continued to prove they are among the elite teams in the eastern United States. The Brats finished the 2008 season with an incredible 36 & 5 record, winning 3 tournament championships and outscoring their opponents 255-56. The Brats captured titles in 3 different states(Massachusetts, New Hampshire,& New Jersey)and finished as tournament runner-up in a fourth(Maine). The Brats accomplishments also include three 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish at the NSA State Tournament. The Brats were never eliminated from any of the three 2nd place finishes. The So.Maine "Diamond Challenge" championship game was tied 0-0 in the 2nd inning when it was rained out, and the ASA's All-American championship game was rained out with the Brats leading 1-0 in the 4th inning. The biggest highlight of the 2008 season had to be our trip to New Jersey, capturing the "War at the Shore" championship.(should'nt have pissed us off) The Brats pitching staff of Chelsea Durso & Hannah Everson for the 7th consecutive year were amazing once again. The Brats defense continues to prove they are 2nd to none. Although the Brats have always been known to have great team chemistry, the 2008 Brats without doubt played not only as a team, but as family.

The 2009 & 2010 Brats found themselves moving up again, this time to the 23/under level. Despite being younger than most of the teams they faced, the Brats continued with their winning way by going 41 & 18 with 30 of the 41 wins being shutouts. Highlights include winning the 2010 NSA States for the 5th time, and finishing as tournament runner-ups at the 2010 NSA 23/U World Series. Despite some injuries in 2009, the Brats were still able to accomplish finishing 3rd at the NSA 23/U World Series.

At the 23/under level for the 3rd consecutive year, the 2011 Brats used their experience to have yet another fantastic season. The Brats finished the season with a 19-4-1 record outscoring their opponents 121-39. Of the Brats 19 wins, 9 of them were shutouts. The highlights of the 2011 season included capturing not only their 6th NSA Massachusetts State Championship, but also the NSA 23/U World Series. Team chemistry continues to be the main ingredient behind the Brats success. 

The 2012 season was an emotional one, and a very successful one.  At the 23/under level for the 4th consecutive year, it marked the end of an era for a very special group of young ladies. Pitchers Chelsea Durso and Hannah Everson were argueably the most successful pitching duo in the region over the last 11 years, helping the Brats win 500 games and 50 tournament championships.  Shortstop/2nd baseman Brenna Morrissey batted leadoff for 10 years for the a table setter, there was no-one better, she also was an outstanding middle infielder, she would make difficult plays look routine.  Casey Stoodley, a 9 year veteran of the Bay State Brats could play any position...and has. Mostly known for her outstanding defense at 3rd base, Casey will also go down as one of the most clutch players in Brats history.  Amy Gordon, also a 9 year veteran of the Bay State Brats was without question the best 1st baseman I've ever seen. Her amazing splits and scoops of bad throws were just incredible. Offensively, Amy was as clutch as they get.  Caelyn Ford, an 8 year veteran of the Brats was an outstanding outfielder and 3rd baseman. Caelyn will be remembered as a tough as nails type player who wasn't afraid to get dirty...although not blessed with a ton of speed, she is considered one of the best baserunners in Brats history.  Seven year Brats veteran Kate Murray was an outstanding outfielder who is known for making catches that shoud've never been caught. She will definately go down as the most liked Brat...everyone loved KATE MURRAY.  As if the success of Chelsea Durso and Hannah Everson on the mound wasn't enough, for the past 4 seasons Jennifer Lowrey joined them making the Brats staff even better.  Jenn an incredible power pitcher was a great addition to the Brats. Known for her double digit strikeout performances, it was a pleasure to call pitches for such an outstanding pitcher.  For 3 seasons, Lauren Medeiros played 2nd base for the Brats, although a good fielder, she will be remembered most for her incredible batting skills. It was funny to see teams playing Lauren to slap because she was a lefty and then she proceeded to hit a bomb to rightcenter. Lauren will go down as one of the best power hitters in Brats history.  Morgan Farmer, a 2 year veteran with her cat like reflexes will be remembered as one of the best and most daring 3rd baseman I've ever seen.  It was very difficult for teams to bunt against us with Morgan playing about 10 feet from the batter...she was fearless.  The 2012 roster had 3 first year players for the Brats.....catcher Lauren Galavotti, leftfielder Melissa Jalbert, and OF/3rd basman Jess Dipialto were major contributors in the Brats success both offensively & defensively.  These amazing young ladies finished the season with a 29 & 1 record outscoring their opponents 196-25.  The Brats won 5 of the 6 tournaments they entered including for an amazing 7th time, the NSA Massachusetts State Championship and for the 2nd consecutive year, the NSA World Series.   The Brats pitching staff of Chelsea Durso, Hannah Everson, and Jenn Lowrey allowed only 25 runs in the 30 game with 16 shutouts.

The 2013 season found the Brats having to start from scratch once again.  Having to recruit an entire 14U roster proved difficult at times. With the Brats name being well known in the older age divisions, it was not known with the younger players and parents. Having to sell our program to parents was very frustrating, however, in the end we found our Brats. It would be a difficult task for these young ladies to live up to their predecessors, but these girls did it.  The newly formed 14U Brats finished the season with an amazing 48-6-1 record capturing 5 tournament championships.  They out scored their opponents 419-141.  The pitching staff of Hailey Haskins, Bella Jankowski, & Megan Prescott recoreded 15 shutouts of their 48 wins.  For the first time in Brats history a Captain was named...Molly Hamel's leadership was exceptional as she lead this team consisting of mostly 13 year olds.  Our coaching staff had some great new additions, Bill Clary, Chelsea Durso, Caitlin Clary, Brenna Morrissey, and Hannah Everson brought unbelievable knowledge and guidance to these young ladies.   With former Brats coming back to be part of the coaching staff, and other former members coming to watch the newbies, it wasnt long before our new girls realized what it meant to be a Brat....TEAM chemistry and family is what we are all about.  The biggest highlight of the season had to be capturing the Nor'Easter Classic championship and the entire weekend up in Belmont, NH. Members of the 2013 Bay State Brats included: Nicole Antonucci, Colby Bere, Jenna Bradish, Lindsay Dumond, Madison Eastman, Hailey Haskins, Molly Hamel, Bella Jankowski, Sarah Obrien, Meg Prescott, Sara Siteman, Kendra Wilson & Courtney Woronka.

The 2014 season had the Brats returning to the 14U level for the 2nd consecutive year. Losing 3 players to age and 3 others exploring other options the Brats needed some new recruits. This time around it was easy. With the additions of Emily Carbonneau, Brittany Mota, Shannon Davies, Jordyn Lavallee, & Juju Estremera, the season promised to be a good one.  And it was....the Brats finished the season with a 41-5-1 record while they captured 6 tournament championships including the NSA Massachusetts State Championship, the Brats 8th in their 17 year history. The Brats outscored their opponents 382-94. The pitching staff of Hailey Haskins, Shannon Davies, and Juju Estremera had 15 shutouts of the Brats 41 wins.  Even with 5 new players, TEAM chemistry was as strong as ever.  Besides winning the  NSA Mass State title, other highlights of the season were our weekend up in Belmont, NH. and the "TRIPLE PLAY" turned by the Brats in the championship game at the NSA's "Fathers Day Bash". 


Which brings us to the 2015 season.........

          "THEY'RE BACK"!

The BAY STATE BRATS are back for the 2015 season. This time the Bay State Brats will be at the 16/under level. With 3 former Brats rejoining the team and 2 new members, will they continue the success and tradition of BRAT teams before them? Only time will tell if these young ladies continue to make BRATS history.

its your attitude that counts

Bay State Brats Fastpitch Softball
Bay State Brats Fastpitch Softball
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