BayPoint Little League: On-line registration

Click here to register for BayPoint Little League

NOTE:  Bay Point Little League is now using JEVIN for On-line Registration, not SportsSignUp or ETeamz


1) Register on-line through the SportsSignUp site link. If you are a returning player with an existing account, please ensure that all information on file is correct and up to date (e.g., shirt size, medical & emergency contact info, etc.).  If not paid via credit card at time of registration, payment is due by the 2nd week of the season. Contact the league President or Player Agent to petition for a hardship waiver, to offer in-kind service to league in lieu of partial or full payment, or if you are unable to register electronically.

2) Provide a copy of player's birth cerificate to league President or Player Agent. This is a one-time requirement. Guidelines for acceptable proof-of-age documents available under Handouts.

3) FOR SPRING SEASON: Provide three (3) proofs-of-residency that are dated or are in force between Feb.1 of previous year and Jan. 31 of current year (residency document guidelines available under Handouts). This is required for all players league age 9 or older in order to be eligible for tournament and/or post-season play; optional for players 8 or younger. Residency verification is required each year.

4) Sign the Medical Release form. Required before playing games. A filled out (but unsigned) form can be generated from your on-line account by a league administrator, or you print and complete the form yourself (available under Handouts). This is a one-time requirement as long as no medical or emergency contact information has changed. Coaches are required to have forms for each player.

5) Little League International mandates that leagues only register applicants from within their own boundaries.  Out-of-boundary waivers will only be accepted under special circumstances. New LL rules allow for children residing outside a league's boundaries but attending school within those boundaries to be eligible to play (no waiver required). Contact the league President or Player Agent for assistance.  


1) Sibling discount: $10 for each additional sibling registered. Applied automatically prior to check-out at time of registration.

2) Board discount: $50 for active membership on the league Board of Directors. Applied post-registration by league President following approval by current Board members. Cannot be combined with discount #3.

3) Coaching discount: $20 for Head Coach role. Applied post-registration by league President. Cannot be combined with discount #2.

4) Sponsorship discount: $25 for any personal or business donation of $200-$300; $50 for amounts of $301-$500; registration fee waived for amounts exceeding $500. Applied post-registration by league President. Sponsorship forms available under Handouts. Contact the league President for assistance.


1) Registration fee for current season paid in full.

2) Player documentation paperwork submitted to the league at the start of the regular season (registration items #2 through #5).