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Monday, October 18
Misc Information / League Rules of 5th Grade League

Below are some informational points about this upcoming season.  There are some unique rules and general information about the games.


  1.  Players should arrive 15 - 20 minutes before game time
  2. All games are approx 40 minutes in length
  3. Jewerly is not permitted.  Much like our Soccer jewerly rules.
  4. We must supply 1 adult timekeeper and/or score keeper at each game (Volunteers anyone?)


  1. Playing time should be spread as equally as possible.  As coaches we will do our best to ensure each girl gets near equal playing time.  You will not see us play certain girls more just to win a game.
  2. Games will consist of 4 - 7 minute quarters.  The games will be running clock (meaning the clock does not stop on substitutions, fouls or out of bounds.  There is 1 minute between quarters and 1 minute for halftime.
  3. Shooting Fouls:  Fouls that would normally result in shooting fouls will be taken out of bound and noted.  Then free throws will be taken during halftime and after the game. (Done to speed up games)
  4. No zones allowed.  Player must be within 5 - 8 feet from the player they are defending.  If opposing player is way outside the offensive set, the defender is allowed to "Sag" into the lane.
  5. No Double teaming allowed outside the lane.  Once a player enters the lane double teaming is allowed on that player.
  6. We can press full court ONLY during the last 2 minutes of the game unless you are leading by more than 8 points.  
  7. Any questions about league rules, conduct of players, coaches or parents can be directed to Ryan Longoria (