: News: BASA MicroSoccer 4v4

Wednesday, June 19
BASA MicroSoccer 4v4


BASA MicroSoccer 4v4 Tournament style play 

 The name MicroSoccer represents an effort to allow the game to teach the players using a 4v4 format in a competitive environment.  We're looking to provide this environment to promote creativity, competitiveness and in game learning.  This is commonly done in foreign countries and in some of the top clubs.  Not only is this great for development but the kids LOVE IT!

 We're pulling together a 4v4 tournament style night where our kids can come and just play the game.  We'll randomly assign teams once everyone arrives and they will compete in 4v4 games to see who is the champion of that night.  There will be no coaching being done.  The teams being included are the U14 Girls Premier, U14 Boys Premier and the U13 Boys Premier teams.  Liviu, Todd and I are HIGHLY recommending your players attend but this is not mandatory.  If you have to miss a week, just come back the next.  

We would like to start this effort THIS SUNDAY June 23rd from 6PM to 7:30 or 8:00 (We have to make sure we complete the championship game which will be the highlight each night).  

WHEN:  Every Sunday starting June 23rd (until game season starts)
TIME:  6:00 to 7:30 or 8:00PM
WHERE:  BASA's Fields
WHAT TO BRING:  Players, shin guards, cleats and WATER
    - We'll have 4v4 fields set up and will have balls.