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Category: Coach Vic's Instruction and Advice
Type: Tip


An Overview
Complete players are able to shoot, pass, and dribble equally well with either hand. Around the basket, they can shoot lay-ups and jump hooks with either hand. When advancing the ball in full-court or when driving to the hoop, they can use either hand to dribble. Similarly, when passing they can use either hand, particularly in the front court, where passes are usually no more than around 20 feet.

How To Develop Your Off Hand
If, for example, you are right handed, make sure you practise shooting, dribbling, and passing with your left hand.

Also, when performing every day tasks, use your off hand (if left handed your right hand is the off hand). For example, when opening doors, holding a glass or a cup, using a knife to cut food or a spoon to eat soup or cereal, manipulating your computer mouse, use your off hand.

Submitted by: Vic Pruden

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