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Team Uniforms
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  Nickname: Kevin ActiveGear Uniforms
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Posted: 2/10/2010 7:33pm
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  Happy  Team Uniforms  
Good morning all! My name is Kevin Arrieta from ActiveGear Unlimited. We supply team sports uniforms and would like to let you know we are an authorized Nike Dealer in your area! Not only that, we provide all different types of brands to be more cost effective for you as a team. I understand budgets are tight these days yet you don't want to sacrifice on the quality of the uniforms?
I am not looking to come in and sell you some uniforms and not hear from me again until next season! I truly want to be an active member of your organizations, watch games be apart of all the action! I truly enjoy seeing what our future holds as far as competitive sports!
Please call, text, or email me with my information below so we can discuss further.

Thank you,

Kevin Arrieta
(909)262-3179-cell phone

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