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Stay away from Predictability Install the Scramble D
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Posted: 10/4/2009 12:52pm
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  Stay away from Predictability Install the Scramble D  
PLAYING TOUGH, man-to-mandefense is the cornerstone of most coaching philosophies. Even when your team is not blessed with explosive offensive firepower, you still remain competitive by getting after it on the defensive end.

But, predictability often leads to defeat. Simply playing man-to-man all the time allows the opposition to know what to expect. Teams no longer have to scout you and opposing coaches become familiar with your tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. You as a coach become stale by barking out the same instructions over and over again. Sure, a good coach who believes in his man-to-man defense never is going to abandon it but to break out of your predictability, try installing a new defense, like the Scramble Defense.

There are many great resources out there for a scramble defense. One of the best in my opinion is Coach Mac's Basketball Playbooks, another is Coach Gels 'Coaches Clipboard'. I suggest if your interested in the scramble check them out.

  • Scramble Defense Building Blocks

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