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New Fundraiser?
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Posted: 12/21/2008 9:42pm
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  New Fundraiser?  
Hey Guys,
If any of you have kids or coach kids in any sport or club you know how important coming accross funding is for their programs. I have a fundraising program I designed that a lot of teams are starting to participate in. From select baseball, basketball, and soccer teams to local little leagues and boy scout associations etc. If any of you have helped you kids sell candy or magazines you know it's hard and frusterating! This takes anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and only requires the kids sell 10 boxes of a natural energy drink people love that doesn't have a crash as it is sugar free and even safe for the kids to drink. A team makes $1000 average from this within the 2 weeks which is ALOT for a fundraiser. I recently had a soccer association make $11,000 in 2 months from the fundraiser for their 4 teams. If you coach or have kids who play sports and need a fundraiser that works for their team then shoot me a message and I can get ahold of you or their coach and go over the program with them. It's super easy and makes the team actual money in a short period of time! Plus you can introduce the fundraiser to other teams/organizations in your area and your team can make bonus's off their fundraisers! Works great, if interested let me know. Have a good one guys and Happy Holidays! Reach me by email at

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