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Is "Hoosier Hysteria" dead?
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Posted: 5/9/2008 12:50am
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Illinois has just completed it's first year with a 4-class system. It played at 2-class system for years. It's just not the same. The excitement and thrill is gone and has been traded for the chance for more schools to win a championship. That is a noble goal, but the only intrest seems to be from the schools involved.

Illinois basketball was sensational. Isiah Thomas was the best high school player I've ever seen from the state. But there are countless great ones; including Derrick Rose, who we all just saw in the NCAA tournament.

One of the best sporting event I've seen, including Super Bowls, World Series, you name it (all on TV of course) was the championship game about 10 years ago featuring Harvey Thorton vs. Peoria Manual. Harvey had on it's team, Antwaan Randel El (Redskins), Napoleon Harris (Chiefs), Melvin Ely (Hornets), and Eric Herring, who was better than all of them. Peoria had 5 D-1 players including a skinny freshman nameed Frank Williams who later played for the Knicks and Bulls.

Peoria won and finished as the USATODAY number 1 team in the nation. Harvey finished number 2 in the nation. That will never happen again because Peoria is now placed in some tiny division.

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