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Get Directions to BASIC BASKETBALLHobart Local Weather
Ron Kaiser
147 South Ash St.
Hobart, Indiana
  Home work  



Week 1 Home Work
Put your feet in the shooting position, knees slightly bent. Bounce the ball and catch it with your hands in the HANDS POSITION. The hands position is with your shooting hand behind the ball and your balance hand on the side of the ball. Eyes on your hands! (25 TIMES A DAY)

From the hands position. Bend your knees to a 120 degree angle, at the same time raise the ball up by your cheek. ( Knuckles to nose ). Keep your elbow in! ( in the pocket )Also make sure your shooting hand is under the ball and your guide hand is on the side of the ball.

Now in one motion straiten your legs and softly push the ball keeping your shooting hand under the ball and you balance hand on the side of the ball. Extend you arms out like you are reaching for the basket. You should end up on your toes. When doing this keep your head level and look up with your eyes.

Ball Handling
Practice dribbling in the driveway or on the sidewalk. keep the ball waist high and do not look at the ball. See if you can dribble for 5 minutes without stopping or looking at the ball. Then switch hands and see if you can do it with the other hand.

Week Two
Stand facing the basket. Dribble the ball 3 times with your right hand. Take two small steps starting with your right foot. End up with your feet in the proper stance to shoot the ball. From there go through hands, power, shot. It will go like this...bounce, bounce, bounce, right, left, hands, power, shot. ( 25 times a day )

Now do the same thing only dribble with your left hand and make your first step with your left foot. Your feet should still end up in the proper stance for the shot. ( 25 Times a day )

Ball Handling
Stand with your feet apart. Dribble the ball though your legs in a figure eight. Keep the ball low, no higher than ten to twelve inches from the ground. Work on this for ten minutes each day.

Homework Week 3
Start about 20 feet out. Dribble up to the foul shot line, your last two steps should be left then right. Your feet should be in the proper shooting stance. Take your shot. Do this 25 times. Next do the same thing but your last two steps are to be right then left. Feet should still end up in a proper shooting stance. Take your shot. 25 times

Ball Handling.
Stand with your feet apart, holding the ball with both hands out in front of you. Now bounce the ball through your legs and catch the ball behind your back. Next bounce the ball back though your legs and catch the ball in front of you.

Week 4 Home Work
This is my type of homework. Go shoot baskets! Work on your 10,0000 shot club shots.

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