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Get Directions to BASIC BASKETBALLHobart Local Weather
Ron Kaiser
147 South Ash St.
Hobart, Indiana

This site is for the Basic Basketball Clinic. Basic Basketball Clinic is basketball fundamentals. Before you can run an offence, before you can score big points, you must be able to do the fundamentals of basketball. In many youth programs because of time restrictions, not much time is spent on working on ball handling, proper shot form, or just fundamentals of basketball. At Basic Basketball we break the shot down into stages. It takes work but the end result is a proper shot. We also do challenging drills for ball handling. To run an offense you must be able to handle the ball with your head up. You must be able to see the court. We do this with challenging, fun drills. We also go over defense. We work on a proper defensive stance and how to slide and move. Also we go over basketball rules and terms.
Basic Basketball is good for beginners and people who have played for a while.

Chicago Bulls Theme


Bobby is #1

Basic Basketball would like to congratulate Bobby Kainrath for being the first player to become a short shot member. Bobby has made 2,500 baskets to qualify him as a short shot member. As Short Shot member Bobby has his name on the Short Shot member page. He also earned his Short Shot T-shirt. Congratulations Bobby

Whats the Weather Outside?

Click for Weather
Want to go out and work on your 10,000 shots? But do you need a jacket? Click on the Sun to find out the weather>

Email Coach

Any comments? How about suggestions?   Send me a message at RKJRKJ@AOL.COM Under the subject put Basic Basketball. Let me know what you think. Have a drill you like? Tell me about it and it may make the web page. If you have a basketball story or a joke send it in too.

The New Short Shot Club!

We have started a new club called the Short Shot Club. It is a smaller version of the 10,000 shot club designed for 4th graders and younger. The players goal is to make 2,500 baskets. When they have completed their goal they can get the Short Shot Club T-Shirt and get their name on the Short Shot Club web page. Go to the Short Shot page for more information!


Click Here
Just click on Sparky and he will take you to our backboard. This is a place where you can chat with others and draw plays right on line. Check it out!

Web Page

This web page is a work in progress. Please check back to see whats new.

Be Like Mike!

Don't be afraid to make a mistake. Sometimes the best way to learn is by your mistakes and failures. Here is a quote from Michael Jordan " I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost three hundred games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over again in my life...and that is why I succeed."

Who is Coach Kaiser?

Coach Kaiser has 25 years of coaching youth sports. He has coached from the mighty Might division to high school age kids. He understands that you cannot coach a team of fourth graders the same way you would coach a high school age group. Basketball is a game. But it takes allot of work to be good. In end it still a game and you should have fun.
Coach Kaiser has been active in the community for over 25 years. Coaching Little League, Pop Warner, Youth Basketball, AAU Basketball and was active on the YMCA Board of Directors for years.

10,000 Shot Club!

What do you have to do to get into the 10,000 shot club? We have a form you take home. You keep track of when you go out and shoot the baskets and how many you made. Your parent must sign it and you must sign it that it is correct. We put you on the honor system. When you have MADE 10,000 shots you become a 10.000 Shot Club member. You can download a score sheet at the handout page.
Handout: 10,000 shots

10,000 Prizes

What will you get as a member of the 10,000 shot club member?
Players reaching the 10,000 shot club goal will get their name on the 10,000 shot club page.
They will receive a 10,000 shot club T-shirt. ($10.00 charge Mom & Dad)
We will submit your name and picture to the Hobart Paper.
A certificate stating they are a member of the 10,000 shot club.
Optional prize is a basketball with your picture on it and 10,000 shot club. ( Parents that is optional because it will cost you $50.00)

Coming Soon!

Starter Club
I am planning something new for Basic Basketball. It will be called the Basic Basketball Starter Club. To become a member you will have to complete a number of basketball skills. You will have to shoot twenty foul shots and have an 85% score to pass. You will have to be able to do the spider drill for a certain amount of time. Dribble the length of the court and back with the ball going thought the legs every step. And other challenging drills that I can come up with. Believe me I'm not going to make it easy. No slack will be given! If you miss a skill by 1 second you will not pass. Rules will be set and will not be bent! More information will be coming in the near future.

Go Ahead and Count.

According to Spalding there are 9,342,059 little bumps on a regulation size basketball.

Coach Say's

Ok guys, as you know I'm pushing the 10,000 shot club. I my self have just reached the goal of making 10'000 shots. I felt if I was going to ask you to go out and make 10,000 shots I could get off my butt and do it too. I'm lucky, I can go out and shoot baskets on my lunch hour. But let me tell you what I found as I worked toward my goal. First off my free throw shot as improved. Matter of fact one day I made 42 free throws in a row. When you start shooting start by making your first 25 shots from inside the lane. This gets your muscles working correctly. It's called muscle memory. Then start working your way out. I have found that my shot has greatly improved. And an added plus has been all exercise I have gotten. It has been a very good experience for me and now I'm starting on my next 10'000 shots!


A team who controls the boards is a team that is in control of the game. With hustle and thinking a smaller player can out rebound taller players. Many players get poor position for a rebound, sometimes getting so far under the basket the ball bounces right back over their head to the other team. Boxing out is as important as shooting and dribbling. Lets go over boxing out.   First thing is don't wait for the ball to be coming off the rim to get into position. As soon as someone is starting to shoot get position on the other team. Each player must block his opponent off the board. Your body should be in a crouched position with your feet a little wider than your shoulder. Make sure your knees are bent so you are ready to jump for the ball. Step back into the opponent keeping your weight over your feet. Do not lean back on your opponent because if he moves you will fall on your butt. Do not let him push you to far under the basket. You should feel him behind you with your body. Have your arms out but do not hook him or you will be called for a foul. As he tries to get around you side so you stay in front of him. As the ball comes off the rim jump up and grab the ball with both hands. Pivot and keep the ball moving so they can't reach in and get a jump ball. Pass the ball to an outlet man as soon as possible.   A player who can rebound is a very valuable player to the team. Many games are decided by who controls the boards.


Yes we send you home with some homework. To be a good basketball player you have to practice at home. Every week will will go over what we want you to work on. You say I forgot what they said to work on. No problem. Go to the Homework page and it's all there fore you.

10,000 Shot & Short Shot Count Down

How many shots have you made???

Jeremy S       Now starting
Christian S    Now Starting.
Travis W.       1000+ shots made!
Brandon M.      2400 shots made!
Nick B.          635 shots made!
Sam S.          500 shots made!
Andrew D.       900 shots made!
Bobby K         2,500 shots made! Short Shot Club Member!
Ryan R.         8000+ shots made!
Justin S.       10,000 shots made! 10,000 Shot Club Member
Jerrett C.      10,000 Shots made! 10,000 Shot Club Member!
Patrick W       10,000 Shots made! 10,000 Shot Club Member!
Coach Kaiser 23,600 shots made! 10,000 Shot Club Member!

If you call Coach Kaiser at 942-9822 or e-mail me at and keep me updated on your shots I will Keep it posted on the 10,000 shot count down.

March Madness

Ever wonder were the phrase March Madness came from. It started in a poem from back in 1942. The poem is about High School basketball in Illinois.

The gym lights gleam like the beacon beam
And a million motors hum
In a good will fight on a Friday night;
For basketball beckons, "Come!"
A sharp-shooting mite is king tonight.
The madness of March is running.
The winged feet fly, the balls sail high
And the field goal hunters are gunning.


To play good defense first you have to start with a good defensive stance. Start with your feet about shoulder length apart. Now bend your knees but keep you your body above your feet. Get your butt down. Put your weight up on the balls of your feet and get your hands up. When moving to your side, slide your feet. Make sure you do not cross your legs or hit your feet together. When back peddling make small steps. A good defensive position will have you ready to move. You can jump quicker because your legs are already bent and ready to jump.


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