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In Little League® time limits may be used in the Minor divisions, but not in the Majors, with an exception in the Majors that when 2 games are scheduled at NIGHT and there is a curfew on the last game, a time limit may be placed on the first game.

Time Limits are not part of baseball, therefore there are no Official rules regarding the issue. Any league that opts to use time limits must specify in detail, their own rules to cover all situations.

Typically, the rule is written that no NEW inning may begin once the time limit has been reached. An inning ends the moment the third out is made. Therefore, if the third out is made one second before the time expires, a new inning could be started. If it occurs one second after the time limit has been reached; the game is over. If an inning is in progress when the time expires, the inning should be completed (or the half inning if the home team is ahead.) Usually only one extra inning is allowed if the game is tied at the end of an inning after time has expired.

These are the typical rules. Each league may determine it's own rules.

Submitted by: Jim Booth

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