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The main differences between regular season rules and the tournament rules affect pitching and substitutions. The 9-10 Tournament Rules are a little different than Little, Junior, Senior & Big League rules.

SUBSTITUTIONS (All-Stars only)

The mandatory play rule is different. For Little League, it is 3 defensive outs (instead of 6) OR (instead of AND) 1 at-bat.
For Junior/Senior/Big there is NO mandatory play. For all divisions; a starter and his/her sub may not be in the game at the same time. The starter must re-enter in the same spot in the batting order that he was in originally.

A pitcher may not be removed as the pitcher and ever return as the pitcher.

EXCEPTION: If the current pitcher is a starting player who has not already been removed for a substitute; he may be replaced while on offense for a pinch-hitter or pinch-runner and then return to the mound when his team goes back on defense. This is a substitution. The pinch-runner or hitter is now done for the day. A starter may only re-enter the game once and this is the pitcher's re-entry.

PITCHERS (All-Stars only) (Not 9-10)

Each level of the tournament is a separate entity. District, Section, State/Division, Region and World Series.

Within any level a pitcher may not pitch on consecutive calendar days or in consecutive games.

EXCEPTION: If the pitcher only pitches one inning in a game he may pitch in the next game or on the next day.

Between levels, a pitcher may pitch in consecutive games, provided one calendar day has passed. Example: a pitcher may pitch in the final game of the District tournament and then pitch the first game of the Sectional tournament IF one calendar day has elapsed. If he pitched the District final on Friday, he can pitch again on Sunday in the first game of the Sectional.

A "Calendar Day" is one day marked off the calendar, it is not 24 hours from the time he finished pitching.

A player may not pitch more than 9 innings in a game in the Little League division or 10 innings in the older divisions.

VISITS - The manager may visit the pitcher twice in an inning and on the third visit he must be removed. However, he may only visit EACH pitcher a total of 3 times in a game. On the 4th visit in the game, the pitcher must be removed.

Example: Visits once in the first, twice in the third. Any following visit will require removal of the pitcher.

TIME OUTS - Only one offensive timeout is allowed per inning.

Submitted by: Jim Booth

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