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Youth League Rules
Youth League 12-Year Old Policy - Jim Booth
Why isn't it mandatory for all 12-year-olds to play in the majors?

Youth League All-Star Teams Policy - Jim Booth
Is there a recommended procedure for selecting the league's All-Star team?

Youth League Appointing Managers Policy - Jim Booth
What is the responsibility of the league President when it comes to appointing managers?

Youth League Breaking the Rules Policy - Jim Booth
What is the penalty if a league continues to break the rules?

Youth League Draft Policy - Jim Booth
How does the draft work in Little League?

Youth League League Age Policy - Jim Booth
How is a player's

Youth League Publications Policy - Jim Booth
What publications are available from Headquarters, and how do I get them?

Youth League Structure Policy - Jim Booth
How many teams can a league have? What is the structure of Little League?

Youth League Leaving Early Before the Pitch Reference - Jim Booth
Umpire's Reference covering the situation where runners leave before the pitch reaches the batter

Youth League Leaving Early When a Hit Occurs Reference - Jim Booth
Umpire's Reference covering the situation where a runners leave early before a hit - Rule 7.13

Youth League Illegal Pitch Rule - Jim Booth
What is the new revised ruling that eliminates the balk in Little League Baseball?

Youth League Resumed Games Rule - Jim Booth
What players and pitchers are eligible to play in a resumed Little League game?

Youth League Rule Changes Rule - Jim Booth
What rule changes were made in 2000 for Little League?

Youth League Safety Issues Rule - Jim Booth
What should be done to enforce safety issues outlined by Little League? - Rule 9.01(c)

Youth League Substitution and Re-entry Rule - Jim Booth
When can substitutions be made and when can players re-enter in Little League?

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