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Pitcher Rules
Pitcher The Balk Reference - Jim Booth
Umpire's reference covering balks and legal pitching motions

Pitcher 12 Year Old Innings Pitched Rule - Jim Booth
Do the innings per week of 12 yr old pitching have to total 12 for all pitchers added together?

Pitcher Balks Rule - Jim Booth
What is a balk and what are the rules regarding legal pitching motions? - detailed

Pitcher Picher Taking Signs Rule - Jim Booth
When is a pitcher allowed to take signs from the rubber?

Pitcher Pitch Hits the Ground Rule - Jim Booth
What happens if a pitch hits the ground before crossing the plate?

Pitcher Trips to the Mound Rule - Jim Booth
How do you treat trips to the mound by the manager?

Pitcher Wearing a batting glove Rule - Jim Booth
Are pitchers allowed to wear a batting glove under their glove?

Pitcher Dead Ball on Balk Rule Myth - Jim Booth
The ball is always immediately dead on a balk.

Pitcher False Windup Rule Myth - Jim Booth
With no runners on base, it is a ball if the pitcher starts his windup and then stops.

Pitcher Must Set to Pick Rule Myth - Jim Booth
The pitcher must come to a stop in the set position before a pick-off throw.

Pitcher Must Step Off Rubber to Pick Rule Myth - Jim Booth
The pitcher must step off the rubber before a pick-off throw.

Pitcher No First Base on Bounced Pitch Rule Myth - Jim Booth
The batter does not get first base if hit by a pitch after it bounces.

Pitcher No Hit on Bounced Pitch Rule Myth - Jim Booth
A pitch that bounces to the plate cannot be hit.

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