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Welcome to the new Baseball rules section. With the help of Umpire Carl Childress, we will be adding new information to our rules section including sections on FED, OBR, and NCAA rules.

OBR is shorthand for the Official Baseball Rules, or "THE BOOK" as it is affectionately known. The OBR is used all over the world for professional and amateur play. It contains the rules in effect for the World Series and the Japanese and Cuban leagues.

OBR is also the basic rules played in your local Little League park. In conjunction with relevant safety rules, it is used for most other Youth Baseball as well: Pony, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Connie Mack, etc. It is the book of the American Legion and all adult leagues, such as the National Baseball Congress.

With the possible exception of soccer, the OBR is the most widely recognized set of sports rules in the world. The materials in this section were written by our on-line expert, Jim Booth. His work will make light work of these rules for you.

FED is shorthand for the rules published by the National Federation of High School Associations. They are the regulations for nearly all scholastic preparatory competition in the United States. Indeed, some Little Leagues are beginning to switch to the FED book on the theory that the players will soon need to know those rules anyway.

The NFHS is justly proud of its contributions to the safety of younger players. The FED rule books and case books reflect that continuing concern. Safety, then, is the spotlight section for our materials on high school games. The material was written by our on-line expert, Carl Childress. He has worked closely with other authorities to produce the most accurate synopsis of FED rules available anywhere on or off the Internet.

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