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Here is an extensive list of drills we do at the beginning of our workouts...usually during our stretching. Consequently, we also do these after our pen workouts as well as any time a player comes out of a game. All drills are done with the weighted tennis ball cans.

Arm Circles: Arms are straight out from your body forming a "T" (25 reps ea.)

  • Small circles out to sides
  • Reverse small circles out to sides
  • Large circles out to sides
  • Reverse large circles out to sides

Triceps Raisers

  • Standing, place hand behind head and lift straight up to the sky (25 reps)
  • Bent over, from shoulder to elbow placed directly at side, forearm to hand hanging down creating a 90 degree angle with arm. Raise can to straighten out arm (25 reps)

Forearms: Done with a can attached to a rope which is attached to a bar (after pen or appearance in game only)

  • Grab bar with both hands and twist it so the rope wraps itself around the bar causing the can to be lifted.
  • Reverse the bar so it unravels and sets the can back down
  • 10 up and 10 down reps
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