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The workout is a guide to preparing your players physically. Please use these examples as guidelines and modify or tailor them for your own players.

Preseason Workout
Here is the is done with a warm up and then done in three phases...first phase is 6 weeks...second is 4 weeks...third is 2 weeks...meant for preseason workout, but can certainly be modified for anything else.


ArmsPhase I
ArmsPhase II
ArmsPhase III

Weight Training
In talking about weight training, you have to be careful to add baseball to the discussion. It is my belief that if you train too hard, you can hamper your ability to play effectively.

The first thing to remember is that you need to lift for endurance and not for size or muscle mass. In essence then, you need to lift less weight with more reps compared to more weight with less reps. If you develop too much muscle mass, your body will have less functionality in agility and flexibility. You definitely do not want too much tension in your muscles.

We also need to discuss another situation, which comes into play at the high school level. You may have the problem of an insistent football coach wanting your kids to be lifting during the spring and summer...during your season. As discussed above, this could be detrimental to your pitching staff. You do not want to lift much during the season. Why? First of all when you tend to lift in the off season of another sport and/or during baseball with tough schedules, chances are you won't lift but a few times a week. Your muscles lose their tone after 72 hours of off time. So every time an athlete lifts during this time he has the tendency to get sore.

Here are some suggestions pitchers (as well as the rest of the team) can do during the season:

Have your players get two tennis ball cans and fill them to the rim with sand and proceed to tape them up completely. These can be used to lift.

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