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Category: Hitting
Type: Drill


I have found this drill will help younger players learn to hit inside and outside pitches and learn "their pitch".

Split your team into 2 equal teams talent wise. Set a line of cones or other suitable separaters directly down center field.

Play "over the line" and alternate between left field and right field. Have a coach pitch from the mound or regulation distance.

We will play a 4 inning game, closing the right side the first inning, then closing the left side the next. It is imperitive that your coach that is pitching is accurate. For right handers, when left field is closed your pitcher must pitch to the outside so they can "go with the pitch" and have a chance to hit to right.When right field is closed and left is open, your pitcher must give "middle-in" pitches. We give our hitters 3 strikes. All other "over the line rules that you deem fit apply. Of course another benifit is defensive glovework.

This game forces your hitters to hit the outside pitch that they will inevitably see when they are behind in the count. It also allows them to attack "their pitch" (for most hitters, the middle in pitch)

Submitted by: Dave Marshall

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