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Welcome to Rob Doss's Coaching Tee Ball Clinic. If you're a parent who's coaching Tee Ball for the first time, Rob has some great tips and answers to keep you from going insane!

Tee Ball Faq
Q: Although my son's still tee ball age, I think he's ready to step up an age group and play machine pitch ball with the older kids.
What do you think?

Q: I'm having a lot of problems getting my players to pay attention to me.

Q: I need to learn some fun drills for my players to get them interested in the game.
Can you help?

Q: I've had a problem with a parent all season long who think his child should be a starter. I'm giving it my best shot and only have so much room on the field for starting players.
What do you suggest?

Q: We have an umpiring crew that seems to forget its responsibilities. Quite often, they'll call a play in favor of the team that's behind or for the player who never makes a play but finally nearly makes one (but not quite).
What do you do?

Tee Ball Tips
Tips for Tee Ball Coaches
More Tips for Tee Ball Coaches

About Rob Doss
Rob managed and coached a tee ball team for three years in one of the premier tee ball programs in the country with the Youth Association of Northeast Pensacola (NEP) in Pensacola, Florida, capping his tenure as a coach of the Tee Ball Baseball World Series Champions. (The team also won the tournament Sportsmanship Award that year.) He has also coached in the 9-10 year old age group, is the past-NEP President, and served as the Florida Dizzy Dean Vice President.

His book, "How To Coach Tee Ball Without Going INSANE" has been a popular internet selection since 1997 and can be found on the Bullhorn Media Group web site and on the web site.
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