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The catcher must be the teams leader. They have the entire field in front of them and are able to read and react to every situation. While the ball is in play, they are the only position that never has there back turned towards the action.

Everything must go through the catcher. They are responsible for calling pitches, keeping up the pace of the game, reacting to all situations, and also being an on-field psychologist. They must be able to get everything out of their pitchers and their teammates.

You've heard the old cliche that a championship team must be strong up the middle. That begins with the catcher. A teams destiny can lie in the hands of their catchers. If a team is short on talent, experience, and desire behind the plate, then there championship hopes have diminished. Conversely, if a team has a fierce competitor that will be able to inspire the team and motivate them to new heights, than the possibility of greatness will exist.

A catcher must be able to anticipate all situations from bunt defense to relay communications. The catcher must take into account the speed of the runner, the playing conditions, the type of athletes involved, the game situations, the playing surface, and other important aspects. A catcher must have had enough drilling and practice that they do not have to think about the situation in much detail. They must be able to react and respond to the situation given.

The catcher has to be the toughest guy in the yard. He must take command and demand respect and performance from his pitching staff and other position players. When a crucial situation arises, the catcher must step-up and take charge of the game.
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