Bartow Soccer Club, Inc.: Referee Corner

Wednesday, September 25
Guildlines for Gas Rebate

       You must work a min. of 8 weekends, with of a min. of 2 games per weekend. All games must be worked at BSC. Upon completion of this the BSC will issue you a rebate  of $30. There is a limited number of openings for this opportunely.

        BSC will also be paying $10 per day, for gas fees, to the referees on Judges Cup weekend.


Friday, August 10
10 important Rules to Referee by By Mario Martinez, FYSA Referee Liaison
Rule # 1: A referee must be self confident. Confident from within. Believe in yourself. Getting right up if you have a bad game. Knowing you’re good. It means proud, not arrogant. Rule # 2: A referee must be in control. A person who can’t control himself can’t control others. This takes concentration, self discipline, calm under pressure. No f lying off the handle allowed. Rule # 3: A referee must be fair. That means impartial, tolerant, having a keen sense of justice, being consistent in how to treat the problems, players, coaches and other referees. Rule # 4: A referee must be decisive. Know how to make a decision, have the courage to make them. Rule #5: A referee must be prepared (this is the big one). Have to know their job, have to know the game, have to do their homework, train continuously both mentally and physically. No guesswork allowed. Rule # 6: A referee must be a team player. Should not being a loner, being part of a team means being loyal to that team, listen as well as talk. Motivate. Teach. Tell people why so they understand their role on their team. Rule # 7: A referee must be honest with himself and others. Integrity is the big one here - character. No one can teach this. No one can order you to have it…it has to come with you and from you. Rule # 8: A referee must be committed. Ambition, ego, drive, and dedication…all come into play here. Commitment means you don’t just set goals; you will try to reach them. It means to make commitments not idle promises. Rule # 9: A referee must be courageous. Not afraid to fail. Not afraid to admit a mistake. Not afraid to make an unpopular decision. Rule # 10: Above all, a referee must be human. Strong enough to be gentle. Empathy is important here, understanding those in the game are people, not machines, and people have problems. People aren’t perfect. Understanding we‘re all in it together in this game.