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Wednesday, May 7
Barnaby Modified Softball 2014 Season

Welcome to the Barnaby's 2014 Men's Modified Softball League Site!


First Playoff Game Against DOCs Results in a 7-4 Victory!

On Thursday night Barnaby's easily took care of 4th place DOCs with a 7-4 win. Ken Mathers pitched a great game and led the charge for Barnaby's defense only allowing 4 runs over 7 innings and most of them were unearned.   Top performers of the night were Lenny Drawga going 1-1 with 2 walks, 2Sbs, 3 runs scored. John Simonton 1-3 with 2Runs, 2Sbs, and an RBI. Phil Frayne 1-2 with 2RBIs, and 2Runs. Chad Chamness 2-3 with 1 RBI and Mark Robbins 1-2 with 2Rbi's and a walk. Great job and hopefully this is a short series.


Final Regular Season Game against Mas is a Winner 17-7

For the final game of the season Barnaby's put a wooping on MAS and in particular Spaz. Barnaby's put up 17 runs (14 against Spaz) and really put up a great performance to end the regular season and gain momentum heading into playoffs. The list of stand out players goes as so.. Wayne Masoner's Great Performance at 3rd Base, Ken Mathers Great Performance as usual on the mound. Hitting John Simonton came back strong after 2 weeks off going 4-5 and 3 Runs, Lenny Drawga once again came up huge going 4-5 with 4 RBI's, Wayne Masoner went 3-5 with a big double late in the game, and last but not least Mark Robbins who finally made the write up going 2-3 with 3RBIs with a big double as well to start the onslaught of runs and big hits. Everyone really should be mentioned becuase this was probabley the best overall game Barnaby's had as a team with everyone coming up with hits and plays all thoughout the night! Barnaby's will not rest and play DOCs the 4th place team in the first round of playoffs. (Best of Three). Now lets bring home the title!

 Monday Night Win against DOCs

Ken Mathers struck out most of DOCs players as Barnaby's beat Doc's 12-2 in 5 innings. Ken Mathers also went 3-3 on the night with 3RBIs while Barnaby's put up 3home runs. Chris Lunardi had his first on the year as well as Wayne Masoner's outside the park homer and Phil Fraynes added onto his team high. Overall easy night and Barnaby's gets to play them again on a 100 degree night on Wedneday at 745pm. Barnaby's continues to be in first place leadining into the post season with only one loss.


Hot on Thursday as Barnaby's eventually beats NACE 18-7

On Thursday night Barnaby's went to the field with 7 starters but was able to pick up two subs last minute to field a team and come out with a 18-7 win. Nace fought hard and was actually making good contact against ace Ken Mathers, but despite the hard hits and awful infield play by the left side Barnaby's took the win. Highlights of the night go to Justin Rohlder's 4-5 performance with 4 runs and Phil Fyayne's 3-4 performance with 4 RBI's and a HR. Sub Matt Hribal came up huge with a 4-5 performance with a HR and 6RBI's. Barnaby's next game is Monday night against DOCs.


Barnaby's take Control of First Place with 11-1 win over Ryan's on a hot night!

 The humidity was brutel but it didn't stop Barnaby's from destroying the Ryan's. Ken Mathers pitched another good game along with some solid defense. Justin Rohleder and Chad Chamness made some great plays in the field and the outfield didn't let anything drop in. Lenny Drawga went 3-5 on the night, Greg Chamness went 3-4, and Bob Truskey went 2-3 with a walk. Overall solid performance across the board. Next Game is Thursday Night against Nace at 9:15.


Barnaby's beats Ryan's 5-2 on an off night hitting but the pitching was superb!

 Big win for Barnaby's after being 10 runned in the first meeting against Ryan's Ken Mathers finally got it together. Ken kept the Ryan's hitters off balance all night with some of the best location we have seen all year. Greg Chamness and Lenny Drawga were the big highlights of the night. Greg hit a big 2 run home run in the 3rd inning to give Barnaby's the lift they needed and Lenny went 2-2 with a walk and scored 3 of Barnaby's 5 runs. Barnaby's now moves into first place and will play next week on Wednedays at 7:30 against Ryan's again and Thursday at 9:15 against Nace.


Barnaby's destroy's Nace once again. 15-3

Not a whole lot to say other than these guys suck! Barnaby's should of put up about 30 runs!


MAS and Barnaby's Tie 5-5 after 8 innings.

After a long night both teams settle for a tie. Big standouts for this game were Greg Chamness with a 2 run HR offSPAZ. As well as Ken Mathers and John Simonton with 3 hits a piece. This game may be finished at the end of the year depending on standings going into playoffs.



Barnaby's Beats Chester Springs 11-3 on 6/9/14

Main highlight of this game is John Simonton's 5-5 performance. That is what a lead off is supposed to do. Other than that i got nothing. Good win guy's!



Barnaby's Beats Carlson 7-3 on a loud but quiet night!

While the music was blarring all night from the lacrosse field, Barnaby's was quiet at the plate. After Putting up massive amounts of runs in the past 4 games Barnaby's couldn't get the momentum going against a whiny Carlson's team. Ken Mathers was forced into a different throwing rythm but still held Carlson's to only 3 Runs. Big Night from Wayne Masoner and Phil Frayne who together produced most of the Barnaby's offense. Wayne went 3-3 with 3 singles and 2 Runs, while Phillip Frayne hit a big two run home run in the 5th to lift Barnably's over the top. Barnaby's has 3 games next week and two against the defending Champs MAS. Next game is Monday night at 9:15 against Chester Springs, then back to back games against MAS on Wednesday and Thursday. Barnaby's still has only 1 loss on the season.


Barnaby's 10 Run's First Press- 13-3

On Monday night First Press thought they were coming to a game they would win but like all church leagues teams was quickly disappointed. Barnaby's bats heated up toward the end of the game and the game was called on the mercy rule again! This big highlight of the night was none other than Ken Mathers. His consistency on the mound all night really sealed the deal. Next game is Wednesday at Kelly Field against Carlson's at 7:45pm.



Willistown's Prayers were definetly not Answered as Barnaby's destroys Willistown 20-4!

On Wednesday night Barnaby's easily took care of Willistown 20-4. Ken Mathers pitched a great game and made Willistown's players look to their bibles for answers. Barnaby's went off offensively with 4 Home Runs in the game and a barrage of hits. Phil Frayne's hot bat got the momentum going with a first inning home run and Greg Chamness's grand slam in the 4th innings sent Willistown home early as the mercy rule was called. Some highlights of the night to point our were Phil Frayne's 4-4 performance with 2 HRs and 5 RBI's. John Simonton went 4-4 with 2 RBI, 3 Runs and a stolen base. Chad Chamness hit another outside the park home run in his second consecutive game as he went 3-4 with a single shy of the cycle. Wayne Masoner also had a great night going 3-4 and 3 Runs. Great Game Guys!




WEDNESDAY'S GAME 5/21/14 @7:45 Cancelled due to Rain! No reschedule date yet!


Barnbay's Makes a Statement on Monday Night with a 16-4 with against SOS (Church League)!

Monday Night  Barnaby's made a statement against the highly talked about church league. Lenny Drawga made a bad decision playing for SOS as Barnaby's bats were hot all night. The game started off slow but quickly heated when Barnaby's put up 7 runs in the fifth inning and opened up the game. Everyone was hitting and Barnaby's didn't seem to have a weak spot anywhere in there lineup with the 6-10 batters scoring 10 out of the 16 runs. Ken Mathers pitched another gem and struck out 4 batters and made some great plays at the mound. Chad Chamness once again makes the write up with Barnaby's first outside the park homerun as he went 2-4 with 3 RBI's. Chris Lunardi had a good night going 3-4 and scoring 3 runs, Greg Chamness went 3-4 with 2RBI's, Ken Mathers went 3-4 with 3 RBIs, and Justin Rohleder went 2-4 with 2RBI's. Next game is Wednesday night against another church league team the Wing's at 7:45 on the upper field. Barnaby's is now 4-1 for the season.


Barnaby's Demolishes NACE 29-3!

 Thursday night was an easy win for Barnaby's as they took care of NACE 29-3. Bob Truskey stepped up and pitched a great game and solidified his spot as Barnaby's #2 pitcher. Chad Chamness went 3-3 and had 6 RBI's which leads the team. Phil Frayne wasn't far behind going 4-5 with 5 RBI's and new comer Lenny Dragwa went 4-5 with 4 RBI's. All in all this was a total ass whooping with Barnaby's putting up 29 runs on 29 hits. Next game is against the Church league SOS on Monday at 9:15. This win brings Barnababy to a record of 3-1.


Barnaby's gets back to work against DOC's in 9-3 WIN!

On Monday night Barnabys improved its season record to 2-1 with a win over DOC's. Banbaby's put up runs fast but only scored 2 runs after the first innning. The Barnabys offense was supported by Ken Mathers once again and his percision pitching only allowing 3 runs. Greg Chamness had a good night with the first home run of the season going 2-3. Chad Chamness, Phil Frayne, and Ken Mathers each had two hits to add to the Barnabys offense. Barnabys next game will be on Thursday night at 9:15 pm against NACE which should be an interesting game since Barnaby's star pitcher is out.  

Let's keep the momentum and put up some big numbers against a weak NACE team.