Barboursville Buddy Basketball : Where's my Money Go?

Thursday, December 5
Show me the money!!!

So where does our money go?

With the frugalness of our previous Board of Directors, and with generous gifts from our community, we have been able to help prepare for this seasonand improve our program, and what’s more, continue to do so even as we speak.

For those of you who played last year, you may have seen some immediate improvements that only money could buy:

1.       We have purchased “adjustable” rims at our New Life location, a purchase of nearly $6,000.

2.       We have purchased additional practice times at facilities such as the Marshall Rec Center, Howell’s Mill, etc, that tally into the 10 thousand dollar range.

3.       We have updated our operations to include iPad point of sale systems, on line registration, and the website.

4.       We have afforded the opportunity for our guest to purchase “season passes” at considerable savings for our parents. Of course the offset of this is that we “lose” the revenue that we generate by charging at each game.  (A trade-off, we considered relevant to save our families money).

5.    We are currently performing due dillegnence in the acquisition of new portable scoreboards.

In addition to these costs, there are also “fixed” costs that are part of conducting the program, which are also considerable:

1.       Normal use of gym space (Practice and Game)

2.    Uniforms  (over 300 players strong)

3.       Scholarships/ comp pass, etc.

4.       2 referees per game (this is quite expensive, but feel that the kids deserve the presence of 2 officials) 

5.       Trophies, recognition, etc

What are we doing to offset these costs?

1.       We have a strong sponsorship program that we’ve expanded this year to include website sponsorship, as well as “concession stand” sponsor banners.

2.       We are working to improve our offerings at the concession stands, so that we can continue to provide you with ample variety, while supplementing our income.

3.       We are sponsoring our own post season tournaments, as well as well as extending our program to a “Spring” season. 

How do we pay for Post Season (a.k.a. All-Stars)               

Our post season is self-sufficient.  Although it is an “in addition” to our Fall program, we do charge a fee to participate in this program because it is an “invited” group of kids who participate based on their Fall season performance.  We may use collective league funds to help with upgrading or updating our uniforms, we do NOT save or “portion” league funds to accommodate for this program. 

As with anything the BBBL does, we are always interested in your ideas for program improvement or financially responsible concepts.