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Broken Arrow 5th Grade Orange Tigers

Broken Arrow 5th Grade Orange Tigers  
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Broken Arrow 5th Grade Orange Tigers
Monte Horton
108 W Timberlane St
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow Orange Tigers

Welcome to the online home of the 5th Grade BA Orange Tigers - the 2004 INFC Post-season Tournament Runners-up...

Please take time to sign our guestbook...

Parents and players - Don't forget to check the site news...

What a great playoff run!!!

Congratulations Orange!!!

You've earned everyone's respect this year. What a run you had through the playoffs. Even though we came up short against Owasso White, you still finished in the top 4... That's a remarkable accomplishment for all of you!

Let's get ready for the Sooner Classic... Make sure to welcome Parker A'Neal who will be playing with us during that tournament...

Coach Monte

Congratulations - Welcome to the Final Four...

You guys all played lights out today... I could not be any more proud of you as a team. You competed hard against a very, very good BA Silver team. I know it was hard to play another BA team, but you guys did very well and played with great sportsmanship. One day, you'll all be on the same team... Don't forget that as you go throughout this week.

We have another tough game coming up in Owasso on Tuesday. We get as prepared as we can on Monday night. Two games to go!!! Remember the goal... Hammer Time!!!

Coach Monte

Playoff Brackets and game days released

The playoff brackets are now available on the site under the INFC page. The games are scheduled as follows:
1st Round - November 1st
Quarterfinals - November 5th
Semi-Finals - November 8th
Finals - November 12th

We will be either the 2 or 3 seed coming from Division 2 depending on how we do against Union Red this coming weekend. There's probably no advantage to either position. Every game will be tough from here on out. Hope you guys have your hammers ready!

Coach Monte

Playoff Bound!!!

You guys should really be proud of your effort so far this year. We're headed to the playoffs for the first time. You have accomplished goal #1. That doesn't mean we get to let up at all. The challenge ahead is what we've looked forward to all year. Now we get a chance to go compete against some of the best 5th grade teams in the next couple of weeks.

We all believe you can do it... Play together and play for each other and the rest will take care of itself...

Coach Monte

The Home Stretch

You guys have done a great job this year of executing the offense and playing very tough on defense. You have a lot to be proud of as a team. Let's finish strong in these last two games before the playoffs!!!

Coach Monte

Great Job!

Hey all you Orange Tigers! Great Job on Saturday at the 2nd Scrimmage weekend.
You all played with a lot of heart and intensity. I'm sure that will translate over into how you play the rest of the year.

Our 1st game is this coming weekend against the Hilldale Hornets. I'm excited for a real game to finally get here...

Remember our goals as you get ready this week. If we work together, we can accomplish all of them.

We will be putting in all of the special teams stuff this week. It should be a great week of practice and a great weekend.

See you guys out there...

Coach Monte

2nd Scrimmage Weekend

Some of you were wondering about the details for this weekend's scrimmages. Well we'll be playing at the Union Old High School stadium at 10:00 am on Saturday. (That'll be like a home game for our kids since we had our tournament run in that stadium last year!) Here is a link for the official schedule...

Looks like we'll face Union Crimson's offense, Bixby Blue's Defense, BA White's offense and Catoosa's Defense.

We're all looking forward to it.

From what I can tell in the early returns... We will play Hilldale at Hilldale (Muskogee) on August 27th at 1 p.m. That is still not confirmed officially. The schedules for our home games have been confirmed and I've posted what I know so far. Check the schedules tab for information.

Looking forward to a great week of practice...


Great Job!

Hey Orange! Way to play tough in the scrimmages at Wagoner this weekend. You guys did a super job! We still have a few things to shore up, but all in all it was a very good indicator of how far you've come since the beginning of last year.

Thanks to all the parents to who waited around and allowed us to get all the games in. It will definitely help. You guys are super too!

All the game jerseys should be in to Rhonda by Monday night. We are sending them to get the Names put on this week.

We will have the regular practice schedule this week. Our last round of scrimmages will be next weekend and then we're into the 1st game week.

See you all tomorrow night. Thanks to Steve Selberg for getting video footage for us at Union Saturday morning and again at Wagoner Saturday night. It will let us see what we'll be facing.

Bo, Russell, Rick, Mike and Brad... You guys were super too. Great adjustments! Thanks to Roger Palmer for the on-field help as well.

Coach Monte

This Weekend's Scrimmages

We will be in the scrimmages being held this weekend. We will be playing in Wagoner starting at 6 p.m. The list of our opponents can be found at Go to the INFC page and look for the 5th grade Pre-season Scrimmage schedule.

See you guys tonight...

Coach Monte

Upcoming events...

To gain access to the member sections, please register and I will confirm you and you'll then be able to see all the stuff...

And now the news...

The draft is next Thursday night...

We are definitely having 7 teams in 5th grade from Broken Arrow this year. This means good opportunities for playing time for all the kids. It also means each team will be carrying around 18 players. The kids going back into the draft from the established teams will be obvious candidates for leadership roles on the new teams. The coaches of the two new teams are all outstanding and we are very pleased to have them in our program.

We will have our first practice on August 1st at South Intermediate High School. That's the school behind the old K-mart building on 101st St just east of Elm Pl.

I will get the schedule updated for all of you.

You guys looked good at camp. I'm proud of you all for taking the time to get prepared to play this season.

Here we go!!!

Coach Monte

Velocity Physicals and Camps

Again this year, Velocity Sports Performance Center is making available a physical and performance test for our athletes. The cost is $20. The time for 5th grade is 1:00 - 2:30 on Saturday, July 16.

The tests will include 40-time.

If you need information on this see the INFC page.

Don't forget the camps coming up as well. No, your kids do not have to go to the combine unless they are going into the draft.

Coach Monte

Welcome Back!

Welcome to BA Orange Tiger Football 2005!

Football registration and equipment distribution will take place Saturday, June 16 from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m.

Camps aplenty are taking place already. There is a list available at

Check out this site for more information about Broken Arrow Youth Football as well.

We'll see you guys at registration...

By the way, I have the jerseys for the kids already except for our two new players. Numbers look correct based on what you guys all requested. All the BA teams are wearing gold jerseys this year. They look really good. We'll talk about alternatives regarding what happens if we end up in Stillwater's division or playing another BA team.

Parents, Rhonda Coltharp (our team mom) and I are working on supplemental fundraiser ideas already. Please contact her if you would like to help out in that process. I'd like to do one or two end of season tournaments with the kids this year.

Coach Monte

Broken Arrow 5th Grade Orange Tigers
Broken Arrow 5th Grade Orange Tigers
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