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Pitching Machine Rules

Please note the BELL pitching machine may not be removed from Taylor Field and use of the machine is limited to BELL teams at the batting cages. The manager and/or coach(es) of the team signing out the pitching machine is responsible for ensuring that the machine is returned and locked in the equipment shed. The machine can only be used with the adult supervision of a BELL manager or coach.

Please also follow the SAFETY RULES set forth below:

-- use a protective L screen to shield the operator and the machine;

-- use only the white dimpled balls with the pitching machine;

-- be careful not to let the throwing wheel come into contact with anything other than the dimpled balls;

-- always test pitch the machine before a batter steps into the cage to ensure proper alignment and safe delivery of a pitch;

-- batters must always use a batters helmet;

-- the machine is best used for pitching distances of 40 to 45 feet;

-- allow for about 8 seconds between pitches;

-- never use the pitching machine in the rain, near water or with damp or wet balls; and

-- turn the pitching machine off when it is not in use.