Bangor East Little League: BELL 2015 Divisions

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BELL 'MAJORS' Division 2016
All boys & girls ages 9 thru 12 are eligible for BELL 'MAJORS' division. Players must try-out for this division & be drafted by a team. The number of players needed for this division varies each season.

'Majors' division generally play two games per week with some practices as set by coach.

Season begins April 30, 2016 and runs through mid-June.

BELL 'MINORS' Division 2016
All boys & girls ages 8 to 11 are eligible for 'MINORS' division.

Some 7 year old players may qualify depending on ability.

All players will be placed on a team.

This division is designed to help players with their individual skills through clinics, practices and fun games.

'MINORS' teams generally play two games a week with limited practices as set by coach.

The season begins in early May and will run through mid-June.

BELL 'FARM' Division 2016
All boys & girls ages 4 to 8 are eligible for the 'FARM' division.

This is our introductory division where kids & parents can take the field and have fun! Tee stands are available. It is all coach-pitch play!

'FARM' teams generally hold combined games/practices twice a week.

The season starts in early May and runs thru mid-June!

BELL attempts to have 3 tournament allstar teams each year.

9/10    Year Old Team
11       Year Old Team
11/12 Year Old Team

This is BELL's highest level of competition. Teams will begin play in late June and could continue games thru July.

We ask families to make a commitment to tournament play before players are selected for these teams.