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Monday, May 2

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BRICK OVEN BAKERY: COACH JASON HARVEY: Cooper Nye, Patrick Guite, Spencer Weston, Carter Catell, Daxton Gifford, Jacoby Harvey, Oliver Sewall, Alex Tennett, Blaze Morris, Gracieana Bassett, Kooper Dionne, Serena Weston

DOWNEAST ORTHO: COACH DAMON CARON: Corbin Smith, Ella Fogg, Marianna Suetin, Taisa Suetin, Gavin Hughes, Griffin Chase, Kade Caron, Landon Smith, Bradock Suetin, Brayden Borja, Conner McAlpine, Gavin Hill, Zachary Chambers                     

PRENTISS & CARLISLE: COACH JUSTIN HARVEY: Isabella McGowan, Leo Nathan, Mason Bond, Samuel Harvey, Aiden Gonzalez, Conner Nelson, Jackson Fletcher, Tyler Johnson, Benjamin Harvey, Ian Nathan, Kate Harvey, Noah Runnells, Parker Mazzei   

WEEBEEZ: COACH KELLY McCAFFREY: Cameron McCaffrey, Owen Holmes- Pineau, Scarlett Couto, Gage Dill, Gwen Porter, Mason McMoarn, Nathon O'Donnell, Wiley Ward, Jackson Jankowski, James Ward, Reed Johnson, Sawyer Tunick, Simon Jones 



 ELKS: COACH CHRIS VAFIADES: Alec Vafiades, Alex Kearns, Jonathan Jenkins, Matthew O'Connell, Isaac Hoshide, Alex Curtis, Jonathan Benjamin, Mason Audet, Braydon Holmes, Sadie D'Alessio, Jonah Emerson

MODERN PEST SERVICES; COACH JOHN TENNETT: Owen Glanville-True, Jacob Klein, Preston Couto, Trey Tennett, Cody McCue, Gavin Glanville-True, Mason Holmes, Dashel Knapp, Robbie Schroder, Benjamin LeRoy, Jalen Reed

QUIRKS: COACH JON COTA: Zac Cota, Wesley Gagne, Parker Tracy, Seamus McDonald, Thomas Lee, Colby Willett, Austin Hughes, Jared Bean, Joseph Bean, Joseph Treadwell, Barrett Birmingham

LEEN & EMERY: COACH TROY VARNEY: Matt Roggero, Jonas Gilley, Brady Pelletier, Zach Ditzel, Jackson Varney, Kacey Bronson, Isaak Mushero,Daniel Hooker, Landen Parizo, Cody Philyaw, Daemon Maskala


2016 MAJORS DIVISION TEAM ROSTERS                                        

ROTARY: Aiden Giles, Luke Missbrenner, Quinn D'Alessio, Cooper Ireland, Camron Clay, Benjamin Hunter, Quintin Gabe, Seamus Hagerty, Daniel Levesque, Roman Johnson, Cabryn Streams, Vince Lombardi                               

HARLEY: Tyler Libby, AJ Tremblay, Ryan Libby, Jason Libby, Brady Sargent, Trent Douglas, Blake Robbins, Colton Emerson, Colby Chesson, Brodie Allen, Nolan Cammck, Evan Kieb                                                            

VARNEY: Andrew Brook, Cooper Khoury, Tyler Reilly, Caleb Boutot, Nathan Tardy, George Socolow, Gavin Stewart, Ellis Spaulding, Griffin Stewart, Oscar Croce, Adam Tardy, Ethan Harvey                                          

YANKEE ELECTRIC: Kevin Grover, Nikolas Bates, Quin McCaffrey, Jake Hirsch, Collin McCaffrey, Keegan Cyr, Jadrian Sandia, Billy Barron, Joshn Partal, Gabriel Bledsoe, Drew Campbell, Dominic Grant                           





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On opening day in early May of 2003, Bangor East Little League awarded the first annual Bower Cup to Rotary for their first place finish the year before and then again in late July to Harleys for their victory in the championship game over ELCO. The Bower Cup reminds us all of the principles and ideals that Dave Bower brought to Little League on the eastside for so many years. Each year, although we have only one championship team, we hope all the players feel like winners! Bower Cup Champions 2002 Rotary - 2003 Harley - 2004 Rotary - 2005 Varneys - 2006 Webber - 2007 Millers- 2008 Millers - 2009 Rotary - 2010 Webber - 2011 Varneys - 2012 Varneys - 2013 Harley - 2014 Rotary
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